An unusual year: No port


An Indian Summer it was, a raging bunsen it was not. With perfect blue skies above, a slow-and-low wicket below, and plenty of spin options within, the Buccaneers won the toss and opted to bat. As openers Angus Berry and Ollie Robertson strode out into the glorious sunshine the other Buccaneers retreated, at an appropriate social distance, to the shade of the old oak tree which in years past has been the canopy for the famous Warborough & Shillingford port-fuelled lunches. Alas, not this year, but the treats of the picnic hampers were unpacked and the stage was set for some entertaining afternoon cricket.

Warborough & Shillingford won the initial exchanges, with a superb spell from Chamberlain who went for less than two an over in a long opening spell, extracting more bounce and carry than the surface had suggested. Ollie Robertson signalled intent within the first six overs with a big heave-ho but found himself stranded. Controversy and confusion reigned when, after an elegant and incident-free quarter of a century, Eswar Kalidasan was caught and bowled. Umpires and players alike debated whether the ball had bounced once, twice or perhaps even not at all, but the decision went with a fair catch and he departed. Angus Berry skilfully alternated between obdurate blocking and thrashing seven boundaries before Chamberlain deservedly got his man shortly after the drinks & sanitising break. The experienced observers settled down to watch a long partnership from Messrs Leefe and Rydon, but two excellent catches tore up the script and the Buccaneers found themselves 89/5 after 25 overs.

Enter the young guns. Metcalfe boshed 52 from 55 balls, bypassing the lightening outfield to hoist five maximums in his innings. Tom Fletcher stroked a classy unbeaten 41, dealing in more ones and twos than he’d have liked, but taking his career aggregate at this ground to 152 unbeaten runs from 151 balls and inking himself into next year’s team. James March scored an effortless 19 from just 8 balls to help the Buccaneers to 206/6 from 43 overs.

The work was only half done, though. Metcalfe opened up from the Six Bells End and quickly had two wickets as reward for a penetrating spell. But it was Hamish Robertson who struck the initial blow, and if it had not been for the rarity of a back-foot no-ball his rewards would have been greater during an excellent opening burst. Then Marsh set to work, making the most of an ungenerous surface, with flight and guile that returned him 2-21 from 12 overs. Tight spells from Rydon and Leefe pushed the run rate up and WinViz lurched towards the visitors. The Buccaneers ground fielding was superb: the catching was a little more mixed, it should be recorded. H Robertson was an inch away from a catch-of-the-season, the captain pouched a catch which was notable only for the conversation that the batsman initiated prior to the dismissal being confirmed (the contents of which shall not be disclosed in polite company, although no offence was taken at the time). Ollie Robertson redeemed an earlier misdemeanour in the field to bowl an excellent wicket maiden towards the end to set up an intriguing finish, but in truth Warborough & Shillingford held on comfortably, with a steely 40-minute partnership between captain and youngster. After an honourable draw was called and stumps themselves were drawn, with the home team 113/7 from 45 overs, the players sauntered across the Green to the Six Bells to reflect on an excellent day all round. 

Sunday 13th September 2020
Warborough & Shillingford 1st XI v Buccaneers at Warborough Green
Buccaneers won toss – elected to bat Buccaneers  
Batsman                                   How Out  Runs   Balls 
 Angus Berry   b Chamberlain   36   57 
 Ollie Robertson   st Ward† b R Iswariah     17 
 Eswar Kalidasan   c & b Halvorsen   25   39   
Simon Leefe   c Zagoritis b Halvorsen   18   21   
Rob Rydon   c F Iswariah b Halvorsen     14   
Will Metcalfe   b Zagoritis   52   55 
 † Tom Fletcher   not out   41   48 
 James Marsh   not out   19   8      
 Extras  (2 byes, 4 leg-byes, 3 wides, 1 no-ball)   10          
Total  (6 wickets, 43 overs)   208    
Did not bat: Hamish RobertsonNeil Robertson, * Warwick Okines 

 Bowler                                 Overs   Maidens   Runs   Wickets 
Tim Chamberlain   12     24     
Rohan Iswariah       35     
Trajan Halvorsen       45     
Junaid Hassan       40   
 James Tilley       36     
Adrian Zagoritis       10     
Lucy Johnson       12             

Warborough  Batsman                                                How Out  Runs   Balls   
Mark Searle   c Leefe b Metcalfe     26   
Freddie Iswariah   lbw b H Robertson     8   
James Tilley   b Metcalfe     5   
Trajan Halvorsen   c H Robertson b Marsh   29   81   
Rohan Iswariah   c Okines b Leefe   22   64   
Tim Chamberlain   c Fletcher† b Marsh     6   
* Adrian Zagoritis   b O Robertson   28   54   
Robert Johnson   not out     29   
Dave Treacher   not out     0       
Extras  (2 byes, 8 leg-byes, 3 wides, 3 no-balls)   16          
Total  (7 wickets, 45/45+ overs)   113    
Did not bat: † Chris Ward, Junaid Hassan, Lucy Johnson
Fall of wickets: 1−7 (F Iswariah; 3.1 ovs), 2−8 (Tilley; 4.1 ovs), 3−24 (Searle; 8.4 ovs), 4−72 (Halvorsen; 29.5 ovs), 5−72 (R Iswariah; 30.2 ovs), 6−76 (Chamberlain; 31.5 ovs), 7−109 (Zagoritis; 43.6 ovs)
 Bowler                                 Overs   Maidens   Runs   Wickets   
Will Metcalfe       16     
Hamish Robertson       14     
James Marsh   12     21     
Rob Rydon       16     
Simon Leefe       17     
Warwick Okines       17     
Angus Berry           
Ollie Robertson         
Match drawn
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