Founded in 1930, the Buccaneers is a wandering cricket club with Sunday fixtures, usually all day, throughout the South East of England from Oxford and Henley to Maidstone, Hurstpierpoint and Hurlingham.

"Let us take our stand and play the game, but rather for the cause than for the fame"

Nine fail to take all 10

The only thing different this year was the welcome return of the match tea. In most other respects it was a repeat of the 2020 fixture, with Warborough & Shillingford comfortably holding on for a draw but without challenging the target. How we yearned for a repeat of that famous draw when scores were level.

This game, too, included a notorious run out. Asked to bat on a bright morning, the Buccaneers began in calamitous fashion. Taking rather too seriously his opening partner’s comment that he had his laptop and plenty of work to do by the boundary’s edge, Angus Berry saw off Eswar Kalidasan in a yes-no-sorry mix-up. From then on it seemed plain sailing, at least until the uneven bounce became no bounce, and both James Marsh and Angus Berry were bowled in quick succession after deliciously fluent 30s. Enter the old guard. Going through the gears, rolling back the years, Simon Leefe and Rob Rydon notched another century partnership and set the platform for the selfless Archie Marsh, the crisp-hitting Stephen Moules and the still-unbeaten-at this ground Tom Fletcher to bash the Buccs to a declaration at 245-6 from 40 overs. The final 5 overs were 5-0-62-3.

From then on the game, like the bounce, somewhat died. Will Metcalfe opened up proceedings and was unlucky not to draw first blood. Angus Berry whirled delightfully at the other end, bowling a fabulous opening spell that brought two wickets. The first atoned for the captain’s botched run-out attempt, the second bamboozled everyone with drift, bounce and movement. The pitch was made for James Marsh to be match-winner but, alas, a migraine immobilised him. W&S’s provision of a replacement fielder on rotation was much appreciated, and perhaps they should have been thrown the ball, but as it was all 9 Buccaneers outfielders had a try but in the end failed to extract enough from an increasingly lifeless pitch and an increasingly determined batting card. When it was – perhaps belatedly – Simon Leefe and Rob Rydon’s turn, they both made breakthroughs, Rob Rydon making the ball talk more than it had at any time in the match. Perhaps with a bit more sharpness in the field and some luck with the marginal LBW decisions, we could have taken all 10. Perhaps we should have declared sooner. As it was, after 47 overs of doughty defence, the game drew to a close and the players ambled to the Six Bells to reflect on the day. Hoping that next year sees the return of the famous luncheon. And perhaps a different result.

Innings of Buccaneers
Angus Berry b Hassan 31
Eswar Kalidasan run out (Johnson / Ward† / Hassan) 0 James Marsh b Hassan 33
Simon Leefe run out (Rainbow / Ward†) 47
Rob Rydon c Rainbow b Hanson 62
Archie Marsh st Ward† b Iswariah 11
S Moules not out 23
Tom Fletcher not out 5
Extras (6 byes, 3 leg-byes, 8 wides, 13 no-balls) 30

Total (6 wickets, 40 overs) 245
Fall of wickets: 1−1, 2−72, 3−73, 4−184, 5−216, 6−218

Ian Potter 5 0 20 0
Junaid Hassan 11 3 41 2
James Tilley 7 2 29 0
Logan Rainbow 4 0 21 0
Adrian Zagoritis 5 0 29 0
Jamie Hanson 4 0 48 1
Rohan Iswariah 3 0 29 1
Andy Hobbs 1 0 21 0

Innings of Warborough & Shillingford
Andy Hobbs lbw b Okines 61
Ian Potter c Okines b Berry 1
*Adrian Zagoritis b Berry 11
Rohan Iswariah not out 34
Freddie McElwaine-Johnn b Rydon 26
Logan Rainbow b Leefe 1
James Tilley not out 8
Extras (6 byes, 3 wides, 1 no-ball) 10

Total (5 wickets, 47/47+ overs) 152

Will Metcalfe 7 1 25 0
Angus Berry 10 3 19 2
R Hobbs 6 1 15 0
S Moules 4 0 16 0
Archie Marsh 7 1 30 0
Warwick Okines 4 0 26 1
Simon Leefe 5 2 5 1
Rob Rydon 3 2 5 1
Eswar Kalidasan 1 0 5 0

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Buccs v Henley Scorecard

Henley won by 9 runs

Innings of Henley

B Purchase b Wedge-Bull 14
A Gunshaw ct b Berry 73
H Radhakrishan b Wedge-Bull 5
A Lubbock run out 17
A Searle ct b Berry 6
S O’Leary B Hobbs 20
D Farland ct b Rydon 54
O Saunders ct b Hobbs 0
E Hyman ct b Wedge-Bull 35
A Chappell not out 1
Extras 4

229-9 (40 overs)


Wedde-Bull 8-0-41-3
R Rydon 8-0-43-1
J Marsh 5-0-34-0
A Berry 7-0-37-2
S Leefe 4-0-24-0
R Hobbs 5-0-25-2
Machin 3-0-25-0

Innings of Buccaneers

A Berry b Hyman 31
E Khalidasan ct & b Searle 26
C Leefe b Hyman 11
J Marsh b Farland 31
S Leefe lbw Quinn 21
R Rydon b Farland 3
E Wedge-Bull ct b Hyman 36
S Moules ct b Searle 13
H Machin run out 15
T Fletcher not out 17
R Hobbs ct b Hyman 2
Extras 10

Total 220 all out


A Chappell 7-0-41-1
A Searle 8-1-50-2
E Hyman 8-0-30-3
D Farland 8-1-32-2
C Quinn 5-0-40-1
A Lubbock 4-0-18-0

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Another scorching day in August, not

After a 9.00am discussion with the OHJ’s manager, it was decided to chance it , even though the forecast was dodgy.  Driving through Hurstpierpoint in torrential rain tested the optimism of even the captain. It was obvious we were not going to start on time, but some port at midday and an early lunch soothed the grumbles (mainly from the umpires).

Play started at 2.15pm with the captain opening the batting with his middle son. All proceeded smoothly and just shy of the fifty run partnership, Rob decided to hit a short ball to midwicket. James Marsh entered the fray, hit a few impressive shots and then lofted one to mid on. Meanwhile, Alex Rydon upped the tempo and accelerated to a fifty but was then caught on the boundary. Pace was taken off and after Jim Mann was out we found it increasingly difficult to penetrate the inner ring. It wasn’t until numbers 10 and 11 (Harry Mann and Ed Howes) saw the clock ticking down that the runs started to flow. 149 for 9 was a fair declaration with only Tom Rydon failing to get to the crease. The OHJ’s returned to the pavilion damp and bedraggled.

With no little irony, Tea was taken in glorious sunshine Then on to the cricket, with Harry Mann steaming in from the top end . His brother, Olly freshened the oppo captain from the bottom end with a waist high no ball full toss with his first delivery. The second elicited an edge and dad Jim pouched it at first slip. In the third over, Mark Semmence, a true run machine against the Buccs, was dropped at second slip. It was a sharp head high chance.  Second slip had asked to go there as he claimed to be the best catcher in the team. The captain hoped it would not prove costly. It turned out not to be as yet another shower came down and the umpires had had enough and called proceedings to a halt.

A crowd gathered to hear the closing speeches and listen to the Last Post as the flag was lowered on the OHJ’s 100th cricket week.

Innings of Buccaneers


149 FOR 9 DEC

M. HARRISON 6.2.19-0

Innings of OHJ





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Lindfield v Buccaneers

Lindfield CC


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
Charlie Weirct C Milneb  Ludo Milne0004
H Azad†ct L Milneb  H Robertson377043
Alex Pedleyb  C Milne676190
T Silvab  H Robertson1006
Jayson Butlerct S Leefeb  S Leefe161025
Geoffrey Lawrencerun out (Unsure)2004
Scott PedleyStumpedb S Leefe180114
Abidine Sakande*b  C Milne0001
S Syednot out13019
George Lawrenceb  S Leefe131118
K Danielsnot out1002
Extrasb (5), lb (1), w (9), nb (6)21
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers35
Fall of Wickets :1-1 Charlie Weir (H Azad-0*); 66-2 H Azad (Alex Pedley-17*); 68-3 T Silva (Alex Pedley-17*); 121-4 Jayson Butler (Alex Pedley-50*); 123-5 Geoffrey Lawrence (Alex Pedley-50*); 160-6 Scott Pedley (Alex Pedley-67*); 160-7 Abidine Sakande (Alex Pedley-67*); 161-8 Alex Pedley (S Syed-1*); 182-9 George Lawrence (S Syed-7*); 
* = not out batter


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
C Milne7135231
L Milne6026100
H Robertson7143233
R Rydon7127000
S Leefe6037310
C McGregor2015002
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets62

The Buccaneers


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
E Kalesdisanb  K Daniels346048
A Berryct Abidine Sakandeb  Jayson Butler143026
R Rydonb  K Daniels1004
A Valentinect K Danielsb  Charlie Weir50022
S Leefest Geoffrey Lawrenceb  K Daniels0004
T Fletcherct Abidine Sakandeb  Charlie Weir0007
C McGregorb  George Lawrence1004
L Milneb  H Azad556241
C Milnect Abidine Sakandeb  George Lawrence266019
H Robertsonb  Abidine Sakande264021
H Fletchernot out0001
Extraslb (1), w (6)7
Wicketsall out
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers32.4
Fall of Wickets :48-1 A Berry (E Kalesdisan-29*); 49-2 R Rydon (E Kalesdisan-29*); 58-3 E Kalesdisan (A Valentine-3*); 60-4 S Leefe (A Valentine-5*); 60-5 A Valentine (T Fletcher-0*); 61-6 T Fletcher (C McGregor-1*); 61-7 C McGregor (L Milne-0*); 103-8 C Milne (L Milne-16*); 160-9 L Milne (H Robertson-17*); 169-10 H Robertson (H Fletcher-0*); 
* = not out batter


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Abidine Sakande4.4135200
Scott Pedley5215010
T Silva2013020
Jayson Butler4010100
K Daniels422310
Charlie Weir3013200
George Lawrence6052200
H Azad3023010
S Syed105000
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets10
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Buccs rain down runs

The weather forecast was not a happy one: light showers to be followed by heavier rain in the late afternoon.  Both sides were keen to bat first, but Bryant lost the toss and Frensham put the Buccaneers in the field under a predicted light shower that soon became persistent light rain.  Hamish Robertson and Steve Moules opened the bowling very tidily; the batsmen not playing many scoring shots but, as usual on this ground, the runs started coming in fours.  Steve took his first wicket in the sixth over and then another in his next.  Still the rain came down in a light drizzle and the umpire left it to the players to decide whether or not we should continue.  All credit to Frensham, their batsmen were content to play on.  Had we come off, there would have been little chance of resuming.  The weather was not going to improve.

James Marsh took over from Hamish and took a wicket in his second over, that of Martin Breddy, a former Buccaneer.  Angus Berry then replaced Steve and bowled extremely well, taking four wickets, including a double wicket maiden.  It was difficult to prise the ball away from him but after about 33 overs with around 150 on the board Frensham’s captain let us know that with the weather forecast so dire, he would bat for only another six overs.  Angus gamely sacrificed the chance of taking 5 so as to let someone else have a go.  Frensham then put on 40 odd runs, Archie Marsh taking a wicket in the two overs he was given before a very sporting declaration at 192 for 8 with theoretically buckets of time left but probably buckets of rain to come.

Since there was to be no official tea break (it was bring your own), the Buccaneers opened their innings immediately with the canny choice of Angus Berry and James Marsh as openers.  The rain got heavier and no doubt did the hearts of the fielders as Angus and James started to turn on their own tap.  But still Frensham showed willing and very generously stayed out on the field, getting wetter and wetter, while being punished for their endurance.  To add to their suffering, they gave the Buccaneers a third player, a man called “Extras”, who managed to put on 45 in total (note that our Tom Fletcher had not conceded a single bye.)  With Angus scoring 73 and James 75, the Buccs paddled home without loss in only 18.2 overs.  A magnificent achievement.  When was the last time we had an opening partnership of more than 190 (Hurlingham 2011? see this link)

An extraordinary game of cricket, probably the only game in Surrey that finished that day.  Many thanks to Frensham for their fortitude and willingness to give us a match, come what may. Buccs won by 10 wickets.

Innings of Frensham

Breddy                  b. J. Marsh                           26
Bixby                     b. Moules                            5
Champneys           lbw Moules                        6
McCabe                 c. Berry                               36
Jones                    b. Berry                               29                          
White                    not out                                59
Smith O.               c. Fletcher b. Berry          0
Smith M.               b. Berry                                4
Smith D.                b. A. Marsh                         8

Extras                                                                12
Total                                                                  192 for 8 declared

H. Robertson     7-2-0-27
S. Moules           8-2-2-43
J. March             6-2-1-33
A. Berry              9-3-4-25
G. Stapleton       3-0-0-17
O. Robertson     3-0-0-26
A. Marsh                              2-0-1-16

Innings of Buccaneers

Berry                     not out                  73
J. Marsh                not out                  75

Extras                                                 45
Total                                                   193

C. Jones                               4-0-0-31
M. Smith                              3-0-0-15
P.McCabe                           4-0-0-30
D. Bigsby                              3-0-0-28
C. Doian                               2.2-0-0-28
E. White                               2-0-0-29

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A kind face delivers the coup de grace as the Buccs fall at Hurl

Following a year’s hiatus, the Buccaneers once again descended on that oasis of tranquillity and indulgence in SW6, The Hurlingham Club. Players, officials and invited guests watched on under the 28-degree rays of sun while the Buccs were put in the grass following the skipper losing the toss.

Once the typical moaning about starting in the field on the hottest day of the year thus far was out the way, the Buccs opened up the attack with the new ball (well supplied by Will Metcalfe) with Stephen E Moules from the top end and Ludo Milne from the other. Stephen bowled nice back of a length fizzers with no luck, especially in the second spell with a shocking drop at mid on by the tiring skipper. Ludo, however had a good degree of luck, coupled with skill and pace, causing his first two balls of both the match and his 2021 cricket season trapping the number two LBW and castling the number three batsman in successive wickets of his opening double wicket maiden. This was quickly followed with two more wickets in his 3rd and 4th overs, leaving the Buccs in a nosebleed position in recent years of having Hurlingham at 20-4 after just 8 overs. Ludo was cruelly taken off whilst waiting on a five-fer as he was fatigued in the midday heat. For the first time in a long time we had four genuine seamers, so Metcalfe and debutant Krunic came on bowling cheaky swingers and metronomic on the spot balls respectively. Sadly no wickets were delivered in this spell and it took a turn of veteran spinner Simon Leefe to take the fifth wicket before lunch.

The BBQ queue and jugs of Pimms awaited us and gave the players much needed sustenance before taking to the field once again. This was where Hurlingham struck up a powerful sixth wicket partnership of 127 through some sublime hitting from their wicket keeper / captain Kidwell and Handy Bat (soon to discover handy bowler too) Hugo Peterson.

Leech & Leefe delivered a couple more before we bowled out Hurlingham for 246 from 54.2 overs. The final victim being Captain Kidwell agonisingly falling for 97 (I do think the number 11 was pleased it wasn’t him stopping the skipper from getting the ton!)

It was now time for the Buccaneers to dust off the cobwebs on the batting helmets and head out. Eswar & Chris Leech led the charge with the latter falling for a score below his best and trudging back to the pavilion. Eswar played a measured innings, partnered briefly with young Leefe and then a lovely partnership of 72 with our overseas James Crichton. James and Eswar played delightfully and excited the crowd with glorious shots to all corners of the croquet lawn outfield. Stephen Moules then came to the crease, and batted with equal style and substance, hitting a run a ball 43 before eventually falling as the last wicket. Running out of a few partners along the way. Leefe senior gave a short burst of hope but a few ducks in the bottom half of the batting order meant that we weren’t to reach the target, finally falling 45 runs short of the target. The aforementioned Hugo Peterson taking 5 of the last 6 wickets with a blistering pace attack for a man with such a kind face.

It was a game played in great spirits with most of the spectators imbibing great spirits and weather to match the occasion. As with tradition we retired to the bar to while away the rest of the evening under the setting sun.  

Hurlingham Club v Buccaneers – Sunday 13 June 2021

Innings of Hurlingham

Sam Rhys ct S Leefe b L Milne 5

Sam Maynard lbw L Milne 0

Matthew Bazeley b L Milne 0

Jett Beecroft c J Crichton b L Milne 7

Richard Cripps lbw S Leefe 17

Hugo Peterson lbw C Leach 87

A Kidwell b L Milne 97

E Beckwith c W Metcalfe b R Hobbs 5

John Cattermull b S Leefe 9

Alex Paterson not out 0

Extras 10

Total 236-9 dec


S Moules 9-2-38-0

L Milne 8.1-2-31-5

W Metcalfe 4-1-14-0

I Krunic 8-2-46-0

S Leefe 10-0-45-2

C Leach 10-1-42-2

R Hobbs 5-0-24-1

Innings of Buccaneers

Eswar Kalidasan run out J Stanton 39

Chris Leach b J Stanton 8

Charlie Leefe ct A Kidwell b J Stanton 14

James Crichton c M Bazeley b A Paterson 43

Steven Moules c R Cripps b H Peterson 43

Ludo Milne c A Kidwell b E Beckwith 0

Simon Leefe b H Peterson 18

Thomas Fletcher b H Peterson 5

Will Metcalfe b H Peterson 0

Ilija Krunic lbw H Peterson 0

Richard Hobbs not out 3

Extras 29

Total 202 all out


Hugo Peterson 12.1-3-45-5

Jonathan Stanton 9-0-46-2

Ed Salt 6-1-27-0

John Cattermull 3.1-0-14-0

Ed Beckwith 5-0-25-1

Alex Paterson 5-1-29-1

Hurlingham Club won by 44 runs

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Nomads prove too strong in season opener

An eagerly anticipated rematch following the rain affected draw in 2019, the Buccaneers arrived at the idyllic Ascott Park to play The Nomads in what would be the Buccs’ first outing of the year. Following some last minute recruitment by our bean counter Mr Marsh, the team on paper was a young and strong one, full of batting promise. To that end, a negotiated toss led the skipper to elect to bat and send out openers Marsh and Kalidasan. It wasn’t long before Kalidasan was soon heading back after some sharp and accurate bowling saw him caught off the bowling of Hamilton, the young quick. Hamilton accounted for the next two wickets of Leech and Berry respectively. Milne and Machin fell to the ever dangerous Shawl, whilst Marsh dug in for a good knock of 29, eventually succumbing to the bowling of Y Malhotra. Fletcher showed good resistance in the middle order with a knock for 30 being C&B off Royals and the tail wagged with Hobbs getting a quick fire 25 before the Buccaneers were all out for 130 off 41.4 overs.

The Nomads started their innings needing 131 to win with plenty of overs on offer to get them. As usual, skipper Brockton opened the batting with C Malhotra joining him. Malhotra fell quickly to the slow seam up of The Buccs skipper, Metcalfe but Brockton looked in worryingly good form at the other end. Three more wickets fell in relatively quick succession, putting The Nomads at 68/4 which brought Y Malhotra to the crease. Some crisp hitting soon powered Malhotra onwards in the scorebook and Brockton reached his well-deserved half century. Malhotra fell to Hobbs C&B for 35 leaving Hamilton to join Brockton but the damage had been done. Hamilton and Brockton saw The Nomads home for five wickets down and only 34.1 overs needed to get them.


J Marsh     bowled        Y Malhotra 29

E Kalidasan c  Ralphs   b Hamilton    0

C Leech     c Vithlani  b Hamilton    4

A Berry     bowled        Hamilton    4

J Milne     bowled        Shawl      14

M Machin    bowled        Shawl       2

T Fletcher  c & b         Royals     30

M McLeod    c & b         Bahl        6

W Metcalfe* lbw         b Bahl        0

R Hobbs     c & b         Royals     25

W Okines    not out                   4

Extras      b3,lb0,w7,nb2)           12

TOTAL       (All out,41.4 overs)    130


Bowling– Shawl 12 3 31 2,Hamilton 8 1 29 3(w7),Y Malhotra 9 3 12 1,Bahl 6 1 15 2,Page 3 0 17 0(nb2),Royals 3.4 0 22 2.


T Brockton* not out                60

C Malhotra  bowled      Metcalfe    0

A Faheem    c Leech     b McLeod   11

B Ralphs+   c Milne     b Marsh     1

S Vithlani  c Kalidasan b Metcalfe  9

Y Malhotra  c & b         Hobbs    35

J Hamilton  not out                 8

Extras     (b4,lb3,w2,nb0)          9

TOTAL      (5 wickets,34.1 overs) 131

Dnb:C Royals,S Shawl,S Bahl,C Page.


Bowling-Metcalfe 7 1 21 2(w2),McLeod 9 1 27 1,Marsh 10 0 24 1,Okines 3 0 23 0,Berry 3 0 18 0,Hobbs 2.1 0 12 1. 

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Annual Dinner date announced for 28th October

The Committee is delighted to announce that Thursday 28th October will be the date of the Annual Dinner.

We have reserved the East India Club and look foward to seeing as many Buccaneers there as possible.

We will release more details nearer the time.

The Committee

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Buccaneers’ 2020 Averages published

Although the club only played four games in 2020, the Committee has published averages for the year including leading batsman and bowler.

These can be found here.

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COVID, Cricket, and Conference Calls

It feels strange writing a match report for the Buccs’ final game of the season having played just three matches prior to this – but this really has been the strangest of summers. Following two victories and a winning draw in the previous three fixtures, the Buccs’ bubble rolled into Brook looking to make it an unbeaten season. 

Following a few socially-distant pints in the Dog and Pheasant and a manufactured toss, the Buccs were batting and looking to get off to a solid start. Eswar and T Fletcher (more on him to follow) began the innings nicely and looked to be in little trouble until the Slaughter and May opening partnership was split but the lively Williams. Ward came and went, again to Williams before Charlie Leefe and Eswar steadied the ship with some typically big hitting. After Charlie departed after a very useful 40, a succession of cameos looked to be accompanying Eswar to a maiden Buccs ton. 

Alas from the seventh ball of the over (not the first of its kind in our innings) Eswar was LBW to who else but the skipper Williams, for a very pleasing on the eye 90. His wait for a Buccs ton goes on but I have no doubt in a full season he will be troubling the upper end of the batting charts for years to come. A few lusty blows from Berry and Milnes looked to be setting us up for a big total until Williams returned to the attack once more. After Berry looked to the skies again, being bowled by one of Brook’s many talented youngsters in the process, both Hobbs and Okines fell in consecutive balls to Williams, giving him a five-for in the process and leaving D Close to face a hat trick ball. Cue ball on pad, mass appeals, bowed heads on the sideline, and mercifully an unmoved umpire. Survival. Although not for much longer, a suicidal run ensured the Buccs failed to bat out our 40 overs but still managed a defendable 212. 

It was at tea that the aforementioned T Fletcher set up for one of the stranger couple of hours that any of the Buccs had previously witnessed on a cricket field. Thanks to an unnamed client Fletcher was scheduled to attend two hours of conference calls (and yes, the game was on a Sunday). This led to our young lawyer hooking up his phone and headphones and hiding in the field. 

The fielding and bowling effort was true to this season’s form and the Buccs took wickets at regular intervals and stand-in keeper R Hobbs was up to the task, giving away just one bye. Not bad for someone that last kept as a 17 year old. R Rydon and S Leefe were the pick of the bowlers taking 7 wickets between them. At 152 for 9 the Buccs sensed victory and few more COVID compliant pints before toasting the season farewell. Enter Brook’s number 11 and our very own Jeremy ‘Rakeem’ Milne. Floating someone temping non turning off spinners Milne took confidence from his first over that went for just 4. This was clearly enough of a sighter for the number 11 and the following Milne over was plundered for 28. Cue a few sweaty palms in the Buccs ranks. Up stepped R Hobbs, fresh from his keeping stint, he would go on to take his second wicket including the much needed last to give the Buccs by 22 runs. 

A great day out as always at Brook with our friendly hosts buying the first round in the pub after. So an unbeaten season, albeit a highly truncated one. Many firsts witnessed across the season – from sanitation breaks to conference calls at cow corner. Here’s hoping for a longer, more normal season in 2021!

Innings of the Buccaneers

E Kalidasan LBW Williams 90
T Fletcher Bowled Williams 8
L Ward Bowled Williams 1
C Leefe Caught Owen 40
R Rydon Caught Ward 18
S Leefe Bowled Thomas 14
J Milne Not Out 11*
A Berry Bowled 14
R Hobbs Bowled Williams 0
W Okines Bowled Williams 0
D Close Run Out 1

Extras 15

Total 212

Innings of Brook CC

189 all out

Bowling Figures

Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets

L Ward 5 0 26 0
R Rydon 8 2 27 3
W Okines 6 0 29 0
S Leefe 8 2 35 4
A Berry 4 0 33 1
R Hobbs 3.2 0 11 2
J Milne 2 0 32 0

Total Extras 4

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