Scorecard of Buccs v Follies Farm Old Spots CC

Buccaneers won by 17 runs

Innings of Buccaneers

O Metcalfe lbw Kirkham 8
L Milne ct Jake b Kirkham 12
E Kalidasan b Black 35
J Milne lbw Meadows 6
C Leefe b Meadows 14
W Metcalfe ct H Bryant b Black 9
S Leefe ct Ford b Grant 27
R Rydon ct CSD b Grant 23
R Nazar B Grant 0
T Fletcher not out 6
R Hobbs run out 1
Total 161 all out

Kirkham 8-1-25-2
H Grant 6-1-21-0
Meadows 4-0-37-2
Hardman 8-4-11-0
Blacks 4-1-14-1
T Grant 4.4-2-22-2
Roland 3-1-13-1

Innings of FFOSCC
Hardman st b W Metcalfe 26
Ford lbw Nazar 1
T Grant lbw Leefe 35
H Grant lbw Metcalfe 7
C Maunder ct Kalidasan 30
J Black ct Kalidasan 6
L Meadows st b Leefe 0
R Beavley st b Leefe 3
CSD st b Leefe 9
T Kirkham not out 2
D Rowland run out 1
Total 144 all out

R Rydon 5-0-9-0
Nazar 4-1-12-1
W Metcalfe 8-1-12-1
L Milne 3-1-9-0
R Hobbs 5-0-31-0
S Leefe 7-1-25-4
G Leefe 6.3-0-12-2

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