Hack posts his last match report

Richard in fine form at this year’s House Match

James Stringer writes:

Tuesday 12th November witnessed the poignant and sad celebration of the life of Richard Gwynn. Known to gathered Buccaneers almost universally as ‘The Hack’, his friends from all parts of his life were there. Well represented were numerous friends from the cricket fields of southern England – be they from school, Bromley CC or our club.

Simon Woolfries spoke on behalf of the Club and highlighted Richard’s great friendship to many (especially younger and new members), his outstanding skills as a cricketer and his devoted service to the club. If, as would be expected of a peerless match manager, he was looking down at the assembled Buccs squad in Richmond’s Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club to pick his first XI for later that day, he was spoiled for choice. No need to raid the pubs of Richmond to secure numbers 10 and 11.

Chunky Goulstone, remembered their lives together as young tearaways both on and off the pitch. Hack would be missed as the tyro brother Chunky never had. And fellow hack, golfer and debater Paul Trow kicked off the eulogies with a round up of their lives as hacks, raconteurs and frequenters of the pubs and bars of Fleet Street. Everyone enjoyed Paul’s observation that although many of Hack’s best stories, including “have I told you about the time I got into Lord’s via the garden?”, “…Wimbledon with a toilet seat?” or “…being bowled by Gary Sobers?” were endlessly retold, they were also endlessly enjoyed because Hack always managed to reveal a new aspect to the story that had previously been secret.

Paul’s speech is repeated here for those who were unable to attend.

Simon presented a framed picture of Hack’s final journalistic piece to Susan, Emmy and Bea. The article about how Hack was responsible for ending Bob Massie’s Test career has been filed for eternity in September’s Cricketer magazine. It can be found here and here. The Club would like to thank Editor Hugh Turbervil and the magazine for permission to reprint the article.

Hack would have loved to have been in middle of the gathering, with all his favourite people. He will be sorely missed.

However, we were all confident that he would no doubt be enjoying his full expenses allowance in the pearly Long Room upstairs, asking St Paul whether he had heard about the time he threw a snake up a tree at Blackthorn Golf Club. He no doubt, has bat in hand and pads at the ready.

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