Buccs shoot to victory

This was our third meeting with Frensham. They had warned us that they were not strong but that’s what they said the year before last (no game in 2018) and then we had won by only eight runs. So, despite our putting out a strong side, perhaps a little caution was called for.
Another declaration match. As in 2017 we forwent the toss and agreed that the Buccaneers should bat first.

Angus Berry and Steve Moules opened our innings and immediately got into cruise mode. On this ground it is either 4s or 1s. Angus decided on 4s, until he was out for 20 with the score on 36 after 5 overs. Steve was joined by newcomer Jon Harvey and they both continued to score briskly, Steve just failing to reach 50. He was out for 44. So we were 92 for 2. Will Metcalfe was unfortunately run out soon afterwards and we were then 95 for 3. Rob Rydon joined Jon and they had a run-fest. They put on 148 runs, Jon scoring his maiden century for the Buccs in only his second game. Very well done. He made 107 before being caught, leaving Rob on 37. The score was 243 for 4 off only 36 overs. The captain decided that was enough and declared. Looking at the records, he had done something similar in 2017 (242 for 4). Given the closeness of that match, was he tempting fate?

The bowlers soon supplied the answer. After Frensham’s customary excellent tea Steve Moules and Will Metcalfe got to work. Will took his first wicket in his third over. 15 for 1 soon became 26 for 2 when Steve bowled their opener, Nicholls for 19. After that it became a firing squad, admittedly the pitch helping a little when the ball occasionally kept low and shot through. No other batsman reached double figures. Steve took 4 for 5 in 5 overs, unfortunately failing to take a hat-trick but taking 3 wickets in one over. Paul McCann was very accurate, taking 1 for 6 off 3. Simon Leefe sniped with two wicket maidens. Max Deakin had a go and Archie Marsh, bowling only 5 balls took a wicket.

Wickets fell so fast that we allowed Frensham to put in a twelfth batsman. Without him they mustered a score of 48 off 15 overs, the official result. He contributed 6 runs and they finished on 54 for 11.

Innings of Buccaneers
A. Berry ct. Ramsahoy 20
S. Moules b. Mills 44
J. Harvey + ct. Ramsahoy 107
W. Metcalfe run out 2
R. Rydon not out 37
P. McCann, S. Leefe, M. Deakin, A. Marsh, R. Hobbs, J. Bryant did not bat
Extras 33
Total 243 for 4 declared.

Ramsahoy 6.1-0-2-41
Pow 5.1-0-0-29
Escombe 6-0-0-37
Mills 7-0-1-33
Ralling 6-0-0-36
C. Jones 3-0-0-19
Tren 3-0-0-26

Innings of Frensham
T. Nicholls b. Moules 19
M. Findlay ct. Metcalfe 5
C. Pow lbw Metcalfe 5
C. Jones b. Moules 0
T. Escombe b. McCann 7
W. Trenholm b. Moules 0
S. Richards b. Moules 0
M. Breddy b. Leefe 1
Fenton b. Leefe 0
Luke ct. Leefe 0
T. Ralling b. Marsh 2
(H. Hebrington not out 6)
Extras 9
Total 48

W. Metcalfe 5-2-2-26
S. Moules 5-3-4-5
P. McCann 3-2-1-6
S. Leefe 3-2-2-2
M. Deakin 1-0-0-10
A. Marsh 0.5-0-1-2

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