‘Country House’ cricket at its best

Turning up to Sheffield Park in glorious sunshine was enough to raise everyone’s spirits. The makeshift captain added to the Buccs’ general bonhomie by winning the toss and electing to bat. There was some grumbling from the openers about the wicket being a ‘sticky dog’ and this seemed justified at 29 for 3. Scoring was difficult, especially off Harry Mann who started with 9 overs, seven maidens, 1 for 2 and it wasn’t until the twentieth over that we scored our first boundary. However, Ludo Milne and Angus Berry steadied the ship and we lunched at 99 for 3. Further runs flowed after lunch until Angus went for a risky second and was run out by a direct hit. Ludo racked up another half century (his third on the trot) before late cutting to first slip. Steve Moules played well and scampered a number of twos and threes with his captain as the declaration approached. Rob Rydon was able to hit Harry Mann for six and hastily declare, before any retribution, on 225 for 8.

Will Metcalfe, who had turned up at 2.15pm after searching for a lost wallet in Worthing, delivered the first over with the random generator on full power. Filth down the leg side was followed by sharp movement past the stumps and finally an unplayable one that clipped the top of middle. Will was later replaced by Steve, whose warm up first ball full toss was safely pouched at short mid wicket. Meanwhile, Freddie Bjorn bowled a spell of consistent inswingers of model length but with no reward. The Armadillos came and went (but mostly went) with Steve picking up more wickets. We enjoyed a sumptuous tea in total control, followed by more wickets on resumption from Richard Hobbs and thoughts of an early show. However, the tenth wicket partnership started to biff the ball about and fears of an embarrassing defeat entered some minds. The skipper brought back Steve and he duly wrapped up proceedings with his first ‘five-fer’ for the Buccaneers. We slipped down a few cold ones in the sumptuous surroundings of the National Park and wended our ways home in a happy state of mind.

Buccaneers CC

J Milne 3
O Metcalfe 4
L Milne 76
M Sutton 3
A Berry 31
T Fletcher 5
S Moules 41 not out
R Hobbs 2
W Metcalfe 2
R Rydon 24 not out
F Bjorn   DNB

Total 225 for 8 dec

Armadillos CC

MANN 23 not out

159 all out

Metcalfe 5-5-10-1
Bjorn 9-4-14-0
Moules 7-0-20-5
Rydon 5-0-12-1
Hobbs 12-2-40-2
Berry 7-0-39-0
Sutton 3-0-12-0

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