Founded in 1930, the Buccaneers is a wandering cricket club with Sunday fixtures, usually all day, throughout the South East of England from Oxford and Henley to Maidstone, Hurstpierpoint and Hurlingham.

"Let us take our stand and play the game, but rather for the cause than for the fame"

COVID, Cricket, and Conference Calls

It feels strange writing a match report for the Buccs’ final game of the season having played just three matches prior to this – but this really has been the strangest of summers. Following two victories and a winning draw in the previous three fixtures, the Buccs’ bubble rolled into Brook looking to make it an unbeaten season. 

Following a few socially-distant pints in the Dog and Pheasant and a manufactured toss, the Buccs were batting and looking to get off to a solid start. Eswar and T Fletcher (more on him to follow) began the innings nicely and looked to be in little trouble until the Slaughter and May opening partnership was split but the lively Williams. Ward came and went, again to Williams before Charlie Leefe and Eswar steadied the ship with some typically big hitting. After Charlie departed after a very useful 40, a succession of cameos looked to be accompanying Eswar to a maiden Buccs ton. 

Alas from the seventh ball of the over (not the first of its kind in our innings) Eswar was LBW to who else but the skipper Williams, for a very pleasing on the eye 90. His wait for a Buccs ton goes on but I have no doubt in a full season he will be troubling the upper end of the batting charts for years to come. A few lusty blows from Berry and Milnes looked to be setting us up for a big total until Williams returned to the attack once more. After Berry looked to the skies again, being bowled by one of Brook’s many talented youngsters in the process, both Hobbs and Okines fell in consecutive balls to Williams, giving him a five-for in the process and leaving D Close to face a hat trick ball. Cue ball on pad, mass appeals, bowed heads on the sideline, and mercifully an unmoved umpire. Survival. Although not for much longer, a suicidal run ensured the Buccs failed to bat out our 40 overs but still managed a defendable 212. 

It was at tea that the aforementioned T Fletcher set up for one of the stranger couple of hours that any of the Buccs had previously witnessed on a cricket field. Thanks to an unnamed client Fletcher was scheduled to attend two hours of conference calls (and yes, the game was on a Sunday). This led to our young lawyer hooking up his phone and headphones and hiding in the field. 

The fielding and bowling effort was true to this season’s form and the Buccs took wickets at regular intervals and stand-in keeper R Hobbs was up to the task, giving away just one bye. Not bad for someone that last kept as a 17 year old. R Rydon and S Leefe were the pick of the bowlers taking 7 wickets between them. At 152 for 9 the Buccs sensed victory and few more COVID compliant pints before toasting the season farewell. Enter Brook’s number 11 and our very own Jeremy ‘Rakeem’ Milne. Floating someone temping non turning off spinners Milne took confidence from his first over that went for just 4. This was clearly enough of a sighter for the number 11 and the following Milne over was plundered for 28. Cue a few sweaty palms in the Buccs ranks. Up stepped R Hobbs, fresh from his keeping stint, he would go on to take his second wicket including the much needed last to give the Buccs by 22 runs. 

A great day out as always at Brook with our friendly hosts buying the first round in the pub after. So an unbeaten season, albeit a highly truncated one. Many firsts witnessed across the season – from sanitation breaks to conference calls at cow corner. Here’s hoping for a longer, more normal season in 2021!

Innings of the Buccaneers

E Kalidasan LBW Williams 90
T Fletcher Bowled Williams 8
L Ward Bowled Williams 1
C Leefe Caught Owen 40
R Rydon Caught Ward 18
S Leefe Bowled Thomas 14
J Milne Not Out 11*
A Berry Bowled 14
R Hobbs Bowled Williams 0
W Okines Bowled Williams 0
D Close Run Out 1

Extras 15

Total 212

Innings of Brook CC

189 all out

Bowling Figures

Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets

L Ward 5 0 26 0
R Rydon 8 2 27 3
W Okines 6 0 29 0
S Leefe 8 2 35 4
A Berry 4 0 33 1
R Hobbs 3.2 0 11 2
J Milne 2 0 32 0

Total Extras 4

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Buccs take the bacon to make it two from two

Remote match manager Richard Hobbs was pleased to receive the news* that Buccaneers made it two-from-two for the 2020 season with a 67 run win in a low-scoring game at Follies Farm on 6 September.  Eswar Kalidasan (52) was the standout Buccs performer with the bat, but a lack of long partnerships and a cascade of middle and lower-order wickets saw us bundled out for 128 in 34 overs. Buoyed by some delicious ham sandwiches (meat sourced from the pig farm attached to the ground) at tea, Will Metcalfe and Caspar Milne each bowled eight overs of accurate and miserly inswing, taking regular wickets with the support of some excellent catching and ground fielding. Will finished with five wickets and Caspar two. Rob Rydon roared in off his short run to clean up the tail in double quick time – Follies Farm Old Spots all out for 61 allowing Buccs ample time to savour their post-match sausage rolls and ale in the glorious evening sunshine.

A selection of ‘action’ shots from the game courtesy of El Presidente

*Richard sadly was unable to fulfil his duties due to travel quarantine restrictions

Innings of Buccaneers
J. Milne b. De Bruyne 5
A. Rydon ct. CSD b. De Bruyne 12
A. Berry ct. [Unknown] b. M. Barson 25
E. Kalidasan b. Roland 52
C. Leefe ct. CSD b. M. Barson 8
S. Leefe b. M. Barson 0
R. Rydon b. Meadows 1
C. Milne c. Grant b. Meadows 0
W. Metcalfe lbw M. Barson 18
T. Fletcher not out 1
D. Close ct. [Unknown] b. T. Barson 0
Extras 6
128 (all out, 34 overs)

Follies Farm Old Spots CC bowling
Roland 7. 2. 1. 19.
De Bruyne 6. 1. 2. 16.
M. Barson 7. 0. 4. [Unknown]
Bell 5. 0. 0. 39.
Meadows 4. 2. 2. [Unknown]
Grant 4. 1. 0. 11.
T. Barson 1. 0. 1. 1.

Innings of Follies Farm Old Spots CC
B. [Crugs] b. Metcalfe 16
[Lumley] b. Metcalfe 0
T. [?] lbw C. Milne 1
M. Barson ct. [Unknown] b. Metcalfe 9
De Bruyne ct. [Uknown] b. Metcalfe 5
T. Barson lbw C. Milne 2
Meadows b. R. Rydon 1
Bell ct. [Uknown] b. Metcalfe 0
Grant not out 20
CSD c&B R. Rydon 0
Roland b. R. Rydon 0
Extras 7
61 (all out, 21 overs)

Buccaneers bowling
W. Metcalfe 8. 1. 5. 23
C. Milne 8. 0. 2. 14
R. Rydon 3. 0. 3. 10
S. Leefe 2. 0. 0. 7

Buccaneers won by 67 runs

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An unusual year: No port


An Indian Summer it was, a raging bunsen it was not. With perfect blue skies above, a slow-and-low wicket below, and plenty of spin options within, the Buccaneers won the toss and opted to bat. As openers Angus Berry and Ollie Robertson strode out into the glorious sunshine the other Buccaneers retreated, at an appropriate social distance, to the shade of the old oak tree which in years past has been the canopy for the famous Warborough & Shillingford port-fuelled lunches. Alas, not this year, but the treats of the picnic hampers were unpacked and the stage was set for some entertaining afternoon cricket.

Warborough & Shillingford won the initial exchanges, with a superb spell from Chamberlain who went for less than two an over in a long opening spell, extracting more bounce and carry than the surface had suggested. Ollie Robertson signalled intent within the first six overs with a big heave-ho but found himself stranded. Controversy and confusion reigned when, after an elegant and incident-free quarter of a century, Eswar Kalidasan was caught and bowled. Umpires and players alike debated whether the ball had bounced once, twice or perhaps even not at all, but the decision went with a fair catch and he departed. Angus Berry skilfully alternated between obdurate blocking and thrashing seven boundaries before Chamberlain deservedly got his man shortly after the drinks & sanitising break. The experienced observers settled down to watch a long partnership from Messrs Leefe and Rydon, but two excellent catches tore up the script and the Buccaneers found themselves 89/5 after 25 overs.

Enter the young guns. Metcalfe boshed 52 from 55 balls, bypassing the lightening outfield to hoist five maximums in his innings. Tom Fletcher stroked a classy unbeaten 41, dealing in more ones and twos than he’d have liked, but taking his career aggregate at this ground to 152 unbeaten runs from 151 balls and inking himself into next year’s team. James March scored an effortless 19 from just 8 balls to help the Buccaneers to 206/6 from 43 overs.

The work was only half done, though. Metcalfe opened up from the Six Bells End and quickly had two wickets as reward for a penetrating spell. But it was Hamish Robertson who struck the initial blow, and if it had not been for the rarity of a back-foot no-ball his rewards would have been greater during an excellent opening burst. Then Marsh set to work, making the most of an ungenerous surface, with flight and guile that returned him 2-21 from 12 overs. Tight spells from Rydon and Leefe pushed the run rate up and WinViz lurched towards the visitors. The Buccaneers ground fielding was superb: the catching was a little more mixed, it should be recorded. H Robertson was an inch away from a catch-of-the-season, the captain pouched a catch which was notable only for the conversation that the batsman initiated prior to the dismissal being confirmed (the contents of which shall not be disclosed in polite company, although no offence was taken at the time). Ollie Robertson redeemed an earlier misdemeanour in the field to bowl an excellent wicket maiden towards the end to set up an intriguing finish, but in truth Warborough & Shillingford held on comfortably, with a steely 40-minute partnership between captain and youngster. After an honourable draw was called and stumps themselves were drawn, with the home team 113/7 from 45 overs, the players sauntered across the Green to the Six Bells to reflect on an excellent day all round. 

Sunday 13th September 2020
Warborough & Shillingford 1st XI v Buccaneers at Warborough Green
Buccaneers won toss – elected to bat Buccaneers  
Batsman                                   How Out  Runs   Balls 
 Angus Berry   b Chamberlain   36   57 
 Ollie Robertson   st Ward† b R Iswariah     17 
 Eswar Kalidasan   c & b Halvorsen   25   39   
Simon Leefe   c Zagoritis b Halvorsen   18   21   
Rob Rydon   c F Iswariah b Halvorsen     14   
Will Metcalfe   b Zagoritis   52   55 
 † Tom Fletcher   not out   41   48 
 James Marsh   not out   19   8      
 Extras  (2 byes, 4 leg-byes, 3 wides, 1 no-ball)   10          
Total  (6 wickets, 43 overs)   208    
Did not bat: Hamish RobertsonNeil Robertson, * Warwick Okines 

 Bowler                                 Overs   Maidens   Runs   Wickets 
Tim Chamberlain   12     24     
Rohan Iswariah       35     
Trajan Halvorsen       45     
Junaid Hassan       40   
 James Tilley       36     
Adrian Zagoritis       10     
Lucy Johnson       12             

Warborough  Batsman                                                How Out  Runs   Balls   
Mark Searle   c Leefe b Metcalfe     26   
Freddie Iswariah   lbw b H Robertson     8   
James Tilley   b Metcalfe     5   
Trajan Halvorsen   c H Robertson b Marsh   29   81   
Rohan Iswariah   c Okines b Leefe   22   64   
Tim Chamberlain   c Fletcher† b Marsh     6   
* Adrian Zagoritis   b O Robertson   28   54   
Robert Johnson   not out     29   
Dave Treacher   not out     0       
Extras  (2 byes, 8 leg-byes, 3 wides, 3 no-balls)   16          
Total  (7 wickets, 45/45+ overs)   113    
Did not bat: † Chris Ward, Junaid Hassan, Lucy Johnson
Fall of wickets: 1−7 (F Iswariah; 3.1 ovs), 2−8 (Tilley; 4.1 ovs), 3−24 (Searle; 8.4 ovs), 4−72 (Halvorsen; 29.5 ovs), 5−72 (R Iswariah; 30.2 ovs), 6−76 (Chamberlain; 31.5 ovs), 7−109 (Zagoritis; 43.6 ovs)
 Bowler                                 Overs   Maidens   Runs   Wickets   
Will Metcalfe       16     
Hamish Robertson       14     
James Marsh   12     21     
Rob Rydon       16     
Simon Leefe       17     
Warwick Okines       17     
Angus Berry           
Ollie Robertson         
Match drawn
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Buccs counter-attack against COVID-19 and WCT secures win

WC & T CC 234 – 8 (40 overs), Buccs 235 – 4 (35.1 overs). Buccaneers won by six wickets

Buccaneers cricket made a very welcome return at West Chiltington & Thakeham on Sunday 26 July. This was our second visit to the picturesque ground at WC&T and we were again very well looked after by our hosts, whose organisation to ensure covid-compliance while still allowing for an enjoyable day out was particularly commendable.

The toss was negotiated, the format set at 40 overs per side and, in a repeat of the 2019 fixture, WC&T got off to a flyer with the bat. Buccaneers were lacking somewhat in the seam bowling department, and it was therefore no surprise to see Rob Rydon come out of ‘retirement’ to take the first wicket with a classic away swinger.  WC&T’s youthful batting line up continued their assault on the Buccs spinners, despite Buccs managing to take wickets at relatively regular intervals. A fast outfield – and an exhibition in slip juggling and deflection from Milne Snr – saw runs flow at a quick rate, and Buccs were once again looking at a chase requiring more than five runs per over. James Marsh was the pick of our bowlers, finishing with 3-40 and extracting significant turn from the wicket (much to the concern of the Buccs batsmen).

Energised by their covid-secure sandwiches in the tea break, Angus Berry and Eswar Kalidasan strode to the wicket to begin our pursuit of 235. WC&T’s opening bowlers seemed intent on testing out the middle of the (admittedly bouncy) track and, after watching a few short balls sail by, the Buccs openers decided the time had come to counter. Gus and Eswar unleashed an impressive range of cuts, pulls and punches and were more than happy to throw their hands through blazing drives on the odd occasion the ball was pitched up. Both passed 50 in a thrilling opening stand of 147 that did not leave much work to do for those that followed. The introduction of spin saw wickets begin to fall – Eswar was bowled for 57 and Angus was caught for 73 (yet again declining the opportunity to score his maiden Buccs hundred and buy a jug of beer for his mates). Charlie Leefe (18) and Rob Rydon (9) both entertained with sixes in their short stays at the crease before Simon Leefe (27*) and Ludo Milne (15*) saw us home without alarm and with more than four overs to spare. A memorable chase and Buccs victorious by six wickets in what must be one of our highest scoring ‘season openers’ ever.

With the series poised at 1-1, we very much look forward to returning to West Chiltington in 2021.

Innings of WC&TCC
E. White ct. Fletcher+ b. Rydon 38
J. Taylor b. A. Marsh 35
H. Gillespie ct. [Unknown] b. J. Marsh 33
M. Goring b. Rydon 4
B. Lucking ct. [Unknown] b. J. Marsh 36
T. Taylor LBW b. S. Leefe 18
C. Davies ct. [Unknown] b. S. Leefe 32
R. Taylor st. Fletcher+ b. J. Marsh 1
O. Van Noort Not out 10
C. Tear Not out 20
C. Wyatt Did not bat
Extras 7
234 – 8 (40 overs)

Buccaneers bowling
L. Milne 7. 1. 39. –.
G. Smith 2. –. 25. –.
R. Rydon 8. 1. 27. 2.
A. Marsh 8. -. 48. 1.
J. Marsh 8. -. 40. 3.
C. Leefe 2. -. 21. -.
S. Leefe 5. -. 30. 2.

Innings of Buccaneers
A. Berry ct. b. Lucking 73
E. Kalidasan b. Davies 57
C. Leefe ct. b. Lucking 18
S. Leefe Not out 27
R. Rydon LBW b. Davies 9
L. Milne Not out 15
J. Marsh Did not bat
G. Smith Did not bat
A. Marsh Did not bat
J. Milne Did not bat
T. Fletcher Did not bat
Extras 36
235 – 4 (35.1 overs)

Buccaneers won by six wickets

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2020 season update in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Buccaneers will soon be receiving the Club’s fixture card for the coming season. Although we know that no cricket will be played during the first part of the season at least, your committee felt that you would still like to see what fixtures have been arranged.

Also, if and when cricket is possible this year, we thought that it would be useful for you to know which fixtures still remain following any resumption. We are, of course, always in the hands of the host club as to whether a match can take place and so we will post the latest news on the status of each fixture here.

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Scorecard of Buccs v Follies Farm Old Spots CC

Buccaneers won by 17 runs

Innings of Buccaneers

O Metcalfe lbw Kirkham 8
L Milne ct Jake b Kirkham 12
E Kalidasan b Black 35
J Milne lbw Meadows 6
C Leefe b Meadows 14
W Metcalfe ct H Bryant b Black 9
S Leefe ct Ford b Grant 27
R Rydon ct CSD b Grant 23
R Nazar B Grant 0
T Fletcher not out 6
R Hobbs run out 1
Total 161 all out

Kirkham 8-1-25-2
H Grant 6-1-21-0
Meadows 4-0-37-2
Hardman 8-4-11-0
Blacks 4-1-14-1
T Grant 4.4-2-22-2
Roland 3-1-13-1

Innings of FFOSCC
Hardman st b W Metcalfe 26
Ford lbw Nazar 1
T Grant lbw Leefe 35
H Grant lbw Metcalfe 7
C Maunder ct Kalidasan 30
J Black ct Kalidasan 6
L Meadows st b Leefe 0
R Beavley st b Leefe 3
CSD st b Leefe 9
T Kirkham not out 2
D Rowland run out 1
Total 144 all out

R Rydon 5-0-9-0
Nazar 4-1-12-1
W Metcalfe 8-1-12-1
L Milne 3-1-9-0
R Hobbs 5-0-31-0
S Leefe 7-1-25-4
G Leefe 6.3-0-12-2

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Hack posts his last match report

Richard in fine form at this year’s House Match

James Stringer writes:

Tuesday 12th November witnessed the poignant and sad celebration of the life of Richard Gwynn. Known to gathered Buccaneers almost universally as ‘The Hack’, his friends from all parts of his life were there. Well represented were numerous friends from the cricket fields of southern England – be they from school, Bromley CC or our club.

Simon Woolfries spoke on behalf of the Club and highlighted Richard’s great friendship to many (especially younger and new members), his outstanding skills as a cricketer and his devoted service to the club. If, as would be expected of a peerless match manager, he was looking down at the assembled Buccs squad in Richmond’s Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club to pick his first XI for later that day, he was spoiled for choice. No need to raid the pubs of Richmond to secure numbers 10 and 11.

Chunky Goulstone, remembered their lives together as young tearaways both on and off the pitch. Hack would be missed as the tyro brother Chunky never had. And fellow hack, golfer and debater Paul Trow kicked off the eulogies with a round up of their lives as hacks, raconteurs and frequenters of the pubs and bars of Fleet Street. Everyone enjoyed Paul’s observation that although many of Hack’s best stories, including “have I told you about the time I got into Lord’s via the garden?”, “…Wimbledon with a toilet seat?” or “…being bowled by Gary Sobers?” were endlessly retold, they were also endlessly enjoyed because Hack always managed to reveal a new aspect to the story that had previously been secret.

Paul’s speech is repeated here for those who were unable to attend.

Simon presented a framed picture of Hack’s final journalistic piece to Susan, Emmy and Bea. The article about how Hack was responsible for ending Bob Massie’s Test career has been filed for eternity in September’s Cricketer magazine. It can be found here and here. The Club would like to thank Editor Hugh Turbervil and the magazine for permission to reprint the article.

Hack would have loved to have been in middle of the gathering, with all his favourite people. He will be sorely missed.

However, we were all confident that he would no doubt be enjoying his full expenses allowance in the pearly Long Room upstairs, asking St Paul whether he had heard about the time he threw a snake up a tree at Blackthorn Golf Club. He no doubt, has bat in hand and pads at the ready.

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Sad news of the passing of Richard Gwynn

Richard, in typical pose, at this year’s House Match in September

The Committee has learned of the very sad news that Richard Gwynn died yesterday morning. Having been in intensive care for the last week, he passed away peacefully with his family present.

There was no more loyal Buccaneer than ‘The Hack’, who played for the club for almost 40 years and managed many enjoyable fixtures over that time. He had been a Vice President since 2004.

Richard did more than anyone to welcome new members, foster a positive club spirit and he never missed a club dinner (or House match). For many years he organised our Christmas party at The Grande Marque. He was also a keen golfer and managed several Buccaneers Golfing Society tours with typical enthusiasm.

The thoughts and prayers of all Buccaneers are with Susan and his family and funeral arrangements will be circulated in due course. For correspondence, Susan can be reached at 47 Church Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1UA.

Simon Woolfries

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Henley heroics seal victory for last-gasp Buccs

As I belatedly pen this match report, Australia have just retained The Ashes. In search of happier cricketing times, I need cast my mind back a few weeks, to when another set of plucky tourists – from as far afield as London, Dorchester and Bath no less – set about overcoming home advantage as the Buccs touched down in sunny Henley.

Captain Moules had arranged for the team to meet at a neighbouring pub for a pre-game breakfast but had not thought to check that food would be served. While our proud athletes sought nourishment in a pub’s worth of crisps and a pint or two, Henley’s youngsters opted for more conventional preparation in the nets – the odds were stacked against us from the start. Continuing his iffy start to the day, the skipper lost the toss on a freshly-rolled road and the Buccs found themselves in the grass for the first half of this 40/40 contest.

With fire in their bellies and the new cherry in hand, a pair of Buccs debutants, Michael Starkey and Eric Wedge-Bull, tore in and tested the techniques of the Henley openers, with Starkey picking up their opener early on. From the other end, Wedge-Bull was miserly and went for a highly creditable 21 from his eight overs. It wasn’t long before we turned to spin, which saw Archie Marsh rattle number three’s timbers and Richard Hobbs grab himself a couple. However, with his two scalps came two no-ball sixes into the aforementioned pub car park, so I’ll let the reader decide how well he bowled… Further destructive hitting followed, mostly from the Henley captain who made a very accomplished unbeaten century, and the hosts concluded their 40 overs on 233-5. The morning’s crisps had long since ceased to sustain us, so a top-notch tea was eagerly devoured.

With a long batting line-up (how many times have we said that and collapsed?), spirits were high despite Henley’s very competitive total. In a team blessed with wicket keepers, the two without the gloves, Tom Fletcher and Jon Harvey, were asked to strap on the pads and get us off to a good start. Henley’s youthful attack started well and we were shortly one down as Fletcher was strangled down the leg side. Buccs’s overseas, James Crichton, marched out at number three and he and Harvey quickly settled into their work and began chipping away at the target. It wasn’t long before Crichton began to cut loose, striking some mighty sixes into neighbouring gardens. Having crossed the river border from Oxfordshire into Berkshire earlier in the day en route to the ground, Crichton attempted once more to return the ball to the county from whence it came, only to lose his middle stump in the process for 60. Nick Moules shortly followed without troubling the scorers before Harvey departed for a well-constructed 58. A smattering of single-figure efforts followed and, from a position of relative comfort, a vintage Buccs batting card saw us seven down with around 60 still required and overs running out.

Angus Berry had been at the other end watching most of those wickets fall and decided enough was enough. He set about smiting the tiring bowling attack to all parts, ably assisted by Starkey. With a handful of overs left, it looked as if Berry was going to guide us home, but a mistimed heave brought about his downfall for 61. Andy Morgan walked out at 10 but was soon sent packing, leaving Hobbs and Starkey as last men standing. In need of more than a run a ball from the final two overs, Starkey hit the shot of the day over extra cover for a one-bounce four and the pair steadily accumulated ones and twos, taking us to a last-ball scenario. Buccs needed two to win and, with a super over beckoning, Hobbs plinked it over the in-field, scampered back for two and the game was ours!

For symmetry’s sake, more beers were enjoyed in the fading light to crown a famous win. My memory may be deserting me, but I’m fairly certain it was agreed that, in a summer of dramatic finishes and memorable last-wicket stands, this effort was surely unrivalled.

Innings of Henley

Saqib ct M Starkey 4
C Thomas b Hobbs 28
Praveen b A Marsh 22
B Purchase ret 101
Buckle ct b Hobbs 10
Daisy ct b Starkey 11
F Loveland not out 3
Chris not out 0

Extras 42
Total 233-5

M Starkey 8-0-39-2
E Wedge-Ball 8-2-21-0
A Marsh 8-1-53-1
S Moules 7-0-39-0
R Hobbs 7-0-39-0
A Berry 4-0-28-2

Innings of Buccaneers

J Harvey ct and b L Loveland 58
T Fletcher ct [ ] b F Loveland 1
J Crichton b Watson-Smith 60
N Moules Lbw Watson-Smith 0
A Berry ct Saquib b Daisy 61
S Moules ct [ ] b L Loveland 4
E Wedge-Ball b L Loveland 2
A Marsh b Saquib 4
M Starkey not out 22
R Hobbs not out 8

Extras 10
Total 234-8

Saqib 8-1-28-1
F Loveland 8-0-37-1
F Watson-Smith 8-0-52-2
Buckle 4-0-38-0
L Loveland 8-1-47-3
Daisy 3-0-24-2
Another 1-0-4-0

Buccs win by 2 wickets

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Enjoyable debut at West Chiltington

Buccaneers came up 20 runs short against a well organised West Chiltington & Thakeham side on Sunday 28 July. A fantastic day was had by all, despite the result – this was our first fixture at this beautiful village ground and we very much look forward to returning next year.

WC&TCC were off to a flyer, reaching 114 without loss as both openers struck rapid half centuries. Buccs had a much improved second quarter, however, taking regular wickets to restrict our opposition to 201 all out in the penultimate over of the agreed 40 – Angus Berry the pick of the bowlers with four wickets (in a welcome return to pitching the ball with his flighted left arm orthodox).

Buccs required five an over and were never quite up with the rate thanks to some very tight seam bowling from the hosts. Eswar Kalidasan struck a fluent 45 on debut but WC&T were deserved winners when your correspondent was bowled off the final ball of the match.

A special mention must go to John Bryant who was awarded the Buccaneers Cross for bravery for batting valiantly on one leg after suffering a nasty calf muscle tear in the field.

Innings of WC&TCC
M. Louw ct. O. Metcalfe b. A. Berry 60
E White ct. [Unknown] b. A Berry 71
R. Taylor ct. J. Bradley b. A Berry 1
C. Wyatt b. W. Metcalfe 0
H. Warmisham LBW b. A. Berry 9
A. Trees ct. [Unknown] b. J. Bryant 9
O. Holden b. G. Smith 12
I. Haggart ct. [Unknown] b. A. Rydon 3
R. Kucchadia Not out 9
A. Newman b. A. Rydon 1
B. Lucking c&b G. Smith 0
Extras 26
All out 201 (38.3 overs)

Buccaneers bowling
J. Bradley 4 1 33 –
R. Rydon 6 1 25 –
W. Metcalfe 8 – 41 1
A. Berry 8 – 55 4
G. Smith 7.3 1 25 2
J. Bryant 2 1 2 1
A. Rydon 3 1 7 2

Innings of Buccaneers
G. Smith ct. (wkt) H. Warmisham 2
J. Bradley ct. b. O. Holden 21
E. Kalidasan ct. b. O. Holden 45
O. Metcalfe Stumped b. O. Holden 6
A. Rydon ct. Warmisham b. B. Lucking 8
R. Goodyear c&b b. B. Lucking 4
R. Rydon LBW b. B. Lucking 11
A Berry ct. Haggart b. O. Holden 19
W. Metcalfe Stumped b. B. Lucking 20
T. Fletcher b. H. Warmisham 27
J. Bryant Not out 1
Extras 16
all out 181 (40 overs)

WC&TCC bowling
Bowler O M R W
R. Taylow 8 2 32 –
H. Warmisham 8 2 21 2
M. Louw 8 – 30 –
O. Holden 8 – 43 4
B. Lucking 8 1 53 4
WC&TCC won by 20 runs

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