Founded in 1930, the Buccaneers is a wandering cricket club with Sunday fixtures, usually all day, throughout the South East of England from Oxford and Henley to Maidstone, Hurstpierpoint and Hurlingham.

"Let us take our stand and play the game, but rather for the cause than for the fame"

Six of the best as Rob wins (yet again)…

Happy 21st birthday to the House Match. We struggled through to this important milestone but forsook champagne and Black Tie for Hogsback beer and crisp whites.

Two teams (of sorts) had been collected and Rich Hobbs’ Hyderbad Sunrisers rose to the challenge against Rob Rydon’s Rajasthan Royals. Rob won the toss on a bright sunny morning. There was a hint of green on the pitch but the prospect of a leisurely morning supping ale meant he decided to bat. He sent in his young fit son, Alex along with the not so young and not so fit Chris Leech. Things proceeded along smoothly, with not many quick singles, until Alex  launched an uppish drive into the hands of Will Metcalfe at mid wicket off the impressive Steve Moules.  Eswar Kalidasan entered the fray and along with Chris started to smack the ball to all parts. Russell Kyne kept the septuagenarian keeper, Andy Morgan, on his toes (and on his knees) as wides and leg byes also kept the score board rattling along. Chris got fifty and got out and so Simon Leefe joined Eswar to really start the fireworks. Will bowled a tidy spell and the skipper, Rich put the brakes on initially but it was a batsman’s paradise. Jeremy Milne took on the biffing when Eswar left and Simon took a particular liking to Gus Berry’s bowling, hitting him into the neighbouring garden on a number of occasions (four overs for 56 tell the story). I can’t remember what the score at lunch was but it was a lot. It didn’t seem to matter to many others either as we sat down in the top room of the Dog and Pheasant and tucked into a hearty lunch.

Play resumed, without any pudding, and Leefe(senior) and Milne(senior) carried on where they left off. It wouldn’t be a proper Jeremy innings unless he ran some one out and this time it was himself. He was replaced by Ludo Milne who put in some lusty blows. Sadly Simon got caught with a few overs to go and so was unable to bat with his daughter, Georgie, who helped complete  the Royals’ innings with a total of 290 for 5 off their forty overs.

Those with calculators worked out the Sunrisers needed 7.25 an over. Gus Berry and Alastair Cross came out swinging. Gus tried to put one of Rob’s deliveries into the woods up the hill (over 200 meters away) and lost his off stump in the process. Alastair followed soon after. James Crichton and Dan South joined the fray and kept the run rate up to speed. James deposited Rob into a distant hedge for a quality six and made another contribution to the large number of lost balls during the day. As the bowlers were rotated with a range of youth through experience (Georgie Leefe and John Bryant respectively) a chink of a breakthrough appeared as John bowled James. But, yet more quality marched to the crease in the form of Steven. Dan was continuing to smite fours and sixes and then a larger crack appeared in the foundations of the Sunriser’s innings as Steven was bowled (expecting some turn) by Simon. Tea, after twenty overs was a statisticians delight, as the score stood at 145 for 5.

In trying to make up for lack of pudding at lunch, the Dog and Pheasant  provided a copious assortment of cakes and biscuits for tea. Russel Kyne joined Dan out in the middle. You know the story – more fours and sixes until Russel was bowled behind his legs by the whirling dervish of a leg spinner, Warwick Okines. Surely the Royals were in charge now. But no, it was Will and Dan who tucked in, this time returning the compliment of gorging into Simon’s bowling. More sixes (six off Simon’s six overs), more lost balls. But then some inspirational captaincy. A quick burst of pace. Two overs from Ludo and the crucial wicket of Dan, caught behind by Alex. Another quick burst of (medium) pace and Rob clipped the top of off stump of the dangerous looking Sunriser’s skipper. Yet more inspirational captaincy, as the pace was taken off and John Bryant played the timeless three card trick of four, six, wicket and bowled Will.

All out. Not quite. Do to the inequality in numbers a strange rule of ‘last man standing’ was employed. This meant that it was left to Andy Morgan to single handedly bring the Sunrisers home. And boy did he nearly do it. Reminiscent of Ben Stokes at Headingly, he waited patiently for the short ball and deposited three sixes into the car park. With twelve runs to win and three overs left, momentum was with the Sunrisers. But it was not to be, because Warwick bowled him and 278 for 9 was frozen on the electronic scoreboard.

More ale was supped. The under five year old spectators enjoyed the water park as the sprinklers were turned on and everyone agreed that the occasion had been one of the best House Matches in living memory.

Innings of Rob Rydon’s XI


C.LEECH   BWLD METCALFE                           50


S.LEEFE      CT        BWLD MOULES               75

J.MILNE      RUN OUT                                     42

L.MILNE      NOT OUT                                     24

G.LEEFE       NOT OUT                                      0



J.BRYANT      DNB                                                     290 FOR 5

S.MOULES  8-0-2-33

R.KYNE        6-0-0-57

W.METCALFE  8-0-2-41

R.HOBBS       8-1-0-56

A.BERRY     4-0-0-54

J.CRICHTON    6-0-0-34

Innings of R Hobbs’ XI









A.MORGAN   BWLD OKINES  30          278 FOR 9

L.MILNE   6-0-1-45

R.RYDON 6-1-3-25

G.LEEFE  5-0-0-48

J.BRYANT 6-0-2-59

W.OKINES 8-1-2-40

S.LEEFE   6-0-1-47

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Legends gather to see current youth nearly beat OHJ

Buccaneers 213 for 6 dec. OHJ 152 for 9. Match drawn

Conditions were windy. So windy that the covers had been blown apart overnight and left a nasty damp patch at one end. After a bit of tutting from the umpires, it was decided to take an early lunch.

Play started at 1.30pm with the captain opening the batting with his middle son. All proceeded smoothly with a fifty run partnership (including a lot of wides). Then things didn’t proceed so smoothly as both Rydons got out and Tom Fletcher departed for a duck. Then things got even worse as the wind and rain forced the players off. On return, Eswar Kalidasan steadied the ship with Jim Mann and when Jim got out to a good catch at mid off, we were entertained with the (just under 50 run ) partnership of Stephen Moules and Eswar.

They took a particular liking to Stuart Hall, the off spinner, with Eswar slog sweeping him into the pavilion fence for six, in particular sticking in the memory. Once he was out for 51, a succession of young Marsh’s aided Stephen in launching the total over 200.

Tea was taken in high spirits and a team photo, including heroes from yesteryear, was taken. Then on to the cricket, with Harry Mann steaming in from the top end and Jack Bebb swinging it up hill into the wind. OHJ’s were not going to die wondering and Mr Pilgrim came out of the blocks quickly. A sharp dropped catch in the slips was soon forgotten as Harry elicited a top edge, safely pouched by Tom F. After this excitement and another wicket from Harry we turned to the youth policy. First with some spin from James Marsh and then some inswing with Tom Rydon. These spells changed the game with Tom starving the oppo of runs and getting a wicket too and James bowling a masterly stint of off spin and getting a wicket in each of his first four overs. He went on to get a ‘five for’.

Archie bowled some leg spin from the bottom end and we felt confident of wrapping up proceedings as we had them 8 wickets down. However, Mssrs Burstow and Noble had other ideas for the OHJs and they put on a fifty run partnership. Harry came back on up the hill and in the final over nipped one back to hit the off stump. Two balls left. The number eleven swung and missed at his first attempt but sadly the ball missed the stumps too. He masterfully left the final ball to earn a hard won draw.

A huge crowd gathered to hear the closing speeches and listen to the Last Post as the flag was lowered on the fiftieth OHJ’s vs Buccanneers match.

Innings of Buccaneers

A Rydon ct Burstow b Burstow 16
R Rydon ct Pilgrim b Burstow 30
E Kalidasan ct Harrison b Kenney 51
T Fletcher ct Pilgrim b Burstow 0
J Mann ct Wilsden b Kenney 12
S Moules not out 65
A March ct Harrison b Hall 4
J Marsh not out 4

Extras 31

Total: 213-6 dec
FOW 1-57, 2-67, 3-67, 4-106, 5-155, 6-168


D Burstow 10-3-29-3
R Noble 4-0-17-0
P McGahan 9-0-38-0
F Kenney 11-1-56-2
S Hall 8-0-60-1

Innings of OHJ

E Welsh ct A Marsh b J Marsh 13
J Pilgrim ct T Fletcher b H Mann 28
S Hall lbw b H Mann 17
M Harrison ct H Mann b J Marsh 27
R Willsdon lbw T Rydon 0
O Meredith ct J Mann b J Marsh 3
S Warrender b J Marsh 6
R Noble not out 21
F Kenney ct A Marsh b J Marsh 2
D Burstow b H Mann 32
P McGahan not out 0

Extras 3

Total 152-9

FOW 1-31, 2-55, 3-68, 4-68, 5-71, 6-91, 7-96, 8-100, 9-152


H Mann 11-1-48-2
J Bebb 5-0-24-0
T Rydon 4-1-8-1
J Marsh 11-1-54-5
A Marsh 5-1-16-0
R Rydon 2-2-0-0

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Teenage Torment Part 2

Under balmy skies Buccaneers suffered a first defeat of the season at Lindfield CC.

Skip won the toss and elected to have bat. Scoring 275 in 40 overs should have seen Buccs home comfortably but the much heralded Buccs bowling attack struggled to contain belligerent Lindfield batting. There was a significant selection error in the ‘keeper department and byes were not our friend. Coupled with a dose of collective Buccs butter fingers and Lindfield reached their target with 4 wickets down with 9 balls to spare.

Let’s dwell on some fine batting from Rob Rydon (66) and Angus Berry (89) and Stephen Moules (72) who all put bat to ball and dismissed the village attack. Stephen timed several strikes particularly well including shot of the day a rasping cover drive a la Jason Roy. At the half-way stage Skip was very pleased and the tea was particularly good too!

Some basic maths suggested that Lindfield needed just shy of 7 an over and Buccs were blessed with 7 good seamers and a couple of spinners to stop the flow of runs. The Twineham twins Matt and Jim opened up but the first 10 overs went for 70 odd, with a wicket to Matt. Dot balls were rare and runs continued to flow from a Buccs newcomer Nick (Monty) Macpherson. We could see some class buried deep, but the action was a bit rusty after 25 years in the cupboard. A semblance of control was provided by the best Buccs bowler of the day Tom Rydon who bowled 2 Lindfield batters and had their 13-year-old centurion dropped on consecutive balls. Neil Robertson held his hand up in apology, but they are always difficult in the slips off a full-blooded drive.

After 20 overs Lindfield were 140 odd for 3 and looking good. The 20 overs that followed were not brilliant from the Buccs with a continual stream of boundaries and a couple of byes. The consensus is that wicket keeping looks easy, but it is not. Angus Berry took over the gloves and declared at one stage “this is the least amount of fun one can have on a cricket pitch”

The theme seemed to be that the faster we bowled at the them the faster the ball sped to the boundary. Buccs debutant Angus McGougan bowled at lively pace but saw his best balls caressed on the up through to offside. Again, the talent was there but a little rust on the action allowed Lindfield to continue to score. There was just time for the prep school moment of the match when Skip and Angus Mc “G” managed to collide mid pitch as they both tried to catch the same sitter. It was spilled and that just about summed up the Buccs fortunes in the field for 21 July 2019.

Congratulations to the young lad Alex (aged 13) who was 114* at the end and Geoffrey Lawrence for seeing his side home to win the Mark Lawrence memorial trophy.

Lindfield won by 6 wickets.

Innings of The Buccaneers
R Rydon ct Chowdrey b Storey 66
McPherson ct b Hewett 11
A Berry stumped b Chowdrey 89
A McGougan ct G Lawrence b Morrison 12
S Moules Not out 72
H Robertson ct b Hewett 11
N Robertson not out 2
Extras 12

Total: 275-5 (40 overs)
FOW: 1-32, 2-149, 3-188, 4-191, 5-262

Hewett 8-0-47-2
Pedley 8-0-68-0
Chowdrey 8-0-65-1
Lawrence 1-0-16-0
Weir 8-2-26-0
Storer 4-0-38-1
Morrison 3-0-14-1

Innings of Lindfield
C Weir b Edwards 10
T Chowdrey b Simon 19
A Pedley Not out 114
M Hewitt b Edwards 34
A Osborne b Rydon 29
G Lawrence Not out 35
Extras: 45

Total 276-4 (22 overs)

M Edwards 5-0-33-1
Simon 5-1-38-1
N McPherson 4-0-33-0
R Rydon 7-0-44-2
J Milne 6-0-26-0
McGougan 5-0-45-0
S Moules 3-0-23-0
H Robertson 1-0-11-0

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A welcome return (of the likely lads)

Buccaneers 281-8 dec
Hurlingham Club 115 all out
Buccs won by 166 runs

On Sunday 16th June, we awoke to a slightly damp morning, but luckily the sometimes trigger happy Hurlingham CC groundsmen were happy for us to continue with a declaration game. On arrival at the ground, it was impossible not to notice the 25 metre square boundary on one side, complete with a tree, which is to be treated as a blade of grass in the field. The dampness caused a 30 minute delay to the 11am scheduled start while we waited for the final shower of the morning to pass with the usual road beneath the covers safe and sound.

Buccaneers lost the toss and were put into bat by the Hurlingham Club. Hurlingham said they were depleted at first but ended up with 14, rolling on and off subs to support a couple of Hurlingham U70s in action. Buccs opened the batting with Ludo Milne and Chris Leech, who both started to look comfortable until Ludo scooped one to square leg in the 5th over.

Buccs overseas, James Crichton (44) then joined Leech at the crease and they put on an impressive stand of 70-odd before Crichton and then Leech (43) fell to a couple of loose shots caught in the ring. Both will feel like they left their half centuries and possibly more out there. After a blistering 4 from 32 balls by Wicket Keeper Harcourt and a even faster duck from Milne senior, Berry and Moules were at the crease and worked on a crucial middle order partnership to steady the ship. Angus played a steady innings all the way up to his half century, brought up with a lovely four, only to then fall the next delivery for 52. Stephen Moules hit some glorious flowing strokes and hit an impressive 74 from 67 including 9 fours and 2 sixes. Will Noble also came to the party with a handy 27 and Simon Leefe came to the crease with orders to open up for one more over at which point Moules fell and the Buccs declared on 281-8 leaving W. Metcalfe seething that he couldn’t unleash his Yorkshire ‘Blacksmith’s Son’ cow corner swipes.

Hurlingham came out to bat with a fairly tall order to chase and Buccs we keenly warming up in the field as their two openers came to bat. Most of the field were a few Wimbledon Pale Ales down which I’m sure only served to loosen the muscles even further and produce a fine fielding display.

Will Noble and Stephen Moules opened up our pace attack and Moules struck early with the fourth ball of the innings bowling out their Wicket Keeper opener.

The second wicket took a little longer after a 40 run partnership when Will Noble took the number three out of the game. First change of attack was provided by Will Metcalfe whose cunning standard slower balls really troubled the Hurlingham batting line up from top to bottom order. The fourth wicket fell with 75 runs on the board and just 30 runs later the 9th was falling. Will bowled tremendously ending up with 5 wickets, getting on the honours board at Hurlingham (especially for bowling) is no mean feat. He was supported by some brilliant bowling from Simon Leefe whose economy was even more remarkable given the 25 metre boundary mentioned at the top of this report. Our vicious attack bowled out Hurlingham Club for just 115 runs which gave the Buccs a convincing victory and a welcome result after a few difficult years against Hurlingham. The match was well supported by friends and family and committee members and as always The Hurlingham Club was welcoming and a fantastic central London venue to play cricket, eat well and take on a few beers after the match.

Full scorecard can be found here:

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Buccs winning streak continues at Brook

Following three consecutive convincing wins the Buccs travelled to Brook CC in high spirits but aware that they came unstuck on this very ground just a year prior.

Following some overnight and early morning rain and as the humidity ramped up skipper Berry had no hesitation in putting Brook in. His team on the other hand were a little annoyed at the prospect of having to field first on a damp outfield and with an inviting pub garden just a stone’s throw from the ground.

With a well stocked arsenal of fast and spin bowlers alike the Buccs set to work under the watchful gaze our newly accredited umpire (see Chertsey match report).

The Brook opening pair was a remarkable contrast; their left hander scored more runs in the first five overs than Frensham had managed the week before, whilst the right hander dropped anchor. Following a worryingly fruitful 10 overs for Brook up stepped Tom Rydon to knock back the free scoring left handers off peg and the Buccs were on their way. It was the introduction of spin, in particular the brothers Marsh, that saw the tide begin to turn. Despite opening his spell with 5 (FIVE) consecutive wides young James Marsh bowled superbly well, with flight and guile to snagged four wickets cheaply.

If James’ wickets were cheap then his brother Archie’s were positive bargains. His leg spin claiming four of his own scalps for the cost of just two runs.

Both Marsh’s deserved their wickets and the Buccs catching was, for once at Brook, up to scratch. The only exception being your author here who conceived to drop a sitter that not only was captured on camera by our president but was claimed so loudly with a shout of ‘GUS’’ that everyone in the adjacent pub will have known who dropped it.

After tea the Buccs set out chasing a relatively modest 156, although with the pitch taking spin would require some hard graft. Enter the skipper who tried to hit the first ball of the reply so hard that he nearly swung himself off his feet and made no contact whatsoever. Luckily our other opener Jon Harvey batted with much better application. Berry, predictably, was out trying to hit a six and with Moules soon following him back to the pavilion we started to feel a little pressure.

Up stepped a man who knows no pressure and plays with his own style of universe boss-esq flamboyance. Charlie, ‘I don’t bowl anymore’ Leefe took the Brook attack to the cleaners, smoking sixes with ease. After Harvey departed Rob Rydon took to his now default role of shepherding younger batsmen to their hundreds. Leefe reached his first Buccs ton with less than 10 needed and despite being dropped the very next ball saw us home to a comfortable win. The performance was first rate from all of the Buccs bar one (or two if you count the skippers less than stellar performance). Ollie Metcalfe committed the cardinal sin of not turning up to the pre-arranged train in London and was then nowhere to be seen as we moved from the toss, through to our time in the field, and then indeed when we were batting. Something about a lost phone and a missed alarm…. A great team effort, particularly given that it was done with 10 and the Buccs winning streak was extended to four. Some pints were enjoyed in the Dog and Pheasant, Charlie’s jug being paid for by his dad Simon, adding to an expensive weekend given that he managed a hole in one the day before! Scorecard

Buccs Bowling
E Howes 5 0 35 0
T Rydon 6 1 29 1
R Rydon 5 2 8 0
S Moules 4 0 12 0
S Leefe 8 0 30 1
J Marsh 12 2 36 4
A Marsh 4.3 2 2 4

Brook – 156 all out
Buccs Batting

A Berry Bowled 7 (9 balls)
J Harvey LBW 29 (47)
C Leefe Not Out 101 (73)
S Moules Stumped 2 (4)
R Rydon Not Out 10 (23)
Buccs 158 – 4
Buccs win by 6 wickets

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Buccs shoot to victory

This was our third meeting with Frensham. They had warned us that they were not strong but that’s what they said the year before last (no game in 2018) and then we had won by only eight runs. So, despite our putting out a strong side, perhaps a little caution was called for.
Another declaration match. As in 2017 we forwent the toss and agreed that the Buccaneers should bat first.

Angus Berry and Steve Moules opened our innings and immediately got into cruise mode. On this ground it is either 4s or 1s. Angus decided on 4s, until he was out for 20 with the score on 36 after 5 overs. Steve was joined by newcomer Jon Harvey and they both continued to score briskly, Steve just failing to reach 50. He was out for 44. So we were 92 for 2. Will Metcalfe was unfortunately run out soon afterwards and we were then 95 for 3. Rob Rydon joined Jon and they had a run-fest. They put on 148 runs, Jon scoring his maiden century for the Buccs in only his second game. Very well done. He made 107 before being caught, leaving Rob on 37. The score was 243 for 4 off only 36 overs. The captain decided that was enough and declared. Looking at the records, he had done something similar in 2017 (242 for 4). Given the closeness of that match, was he tempting fate?

The bowlers soon supplied the answer. After Frensham’s customary excellent tea Steve Moules and Will Metcalfe got to work. Will took his first wicket in his third over. 15 for 1 soon became 26 for 2 when Steve bowled their opener, Nicholls for 19. After that it became a firing squad, admittedly the pitch helping a little when the ball occasionally kept low and shot through. No other batsman reached double figures. Steve took 4 for 5 in 5 overs, unfortunately failing to take a hat-trick but taking 3 wickets in one over. Paul McCann was very accurate, taking 1 for 6 off 3. Simon Leefe sniped with two wicket maidens. Max Deakin had a go and Archie Marsh, bowling only 5 balls took a wicket.

Wickets fell so fast that we allowed Frensham to put in a twelfth batsman. Without him they mustered a score of 48 off 15 overs, the official result. He contributed 6 runs and they finished on 54 for 11.

Innings of Buccaneers
A. Berry ct. Ramsahoy 20
S. Moules b. Mills 44
J. Harvey + ct. Ramsahoy 107
W. Metcalfe run out 2
R. Rydon not out 37
P. McCann, S. Leefe, M. Deakin, A. Marsh, R. Hobbs, J. Bryant did not bat
Extras 33
Total 243 for 4 declared.

Ramsahoy 6.1-0-2-41
Pow 5.1-0-0-29
Escombe 6-0-0-37
Mills 7-0-1-33
Ralling 6-0-0-36
C. Jones 3-0-0-19
Tren 3-0-0-26

Innings of Frensham
T. Nicholls b. Moules 19
M. Findlay ct. Metcalfe 5
C. Pow lbw Metcalfe 5
C. Jones b. Moules 0
T. Escombe b. McCann 7
W. Trenholm b. Moules 0
S. Richards b. Moules 0
M. Breddy b. Leefe 1
Fenton b. Leefe 0
Luke ct. Leefe 0
T. Ralling b. Marsh 2
(H. Hebrington not out 6)
Extras 9
Total 48

W. Metcalfe 5-2-2-26
S. Moules 5-3-4-5
P. McCann 3-2-1-6
S. Leefe 3-2-2-2
M. Deakin 1-0-0-10
A. Marsh 0.5-0-1-2

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Rag tag Buccs see off Chertsey

The Buccaneers arrived at Chertsey’s wonderful Grove Road ground in keen spirits, fresh off of the back of an historic win at Hurlingham the prior Sunday and, in the more recent past, some invigorating refreshment at the Crown hotel and pub on the high street. A 40-over format and a 2pm start allowed ample time for some pre-match ‘carb loading’, with Metcalfe Snr taking the opportunity to sample half a pint of Chertsey’s famous shell-on prawns. He had also brought with him a kitless Our Kid “Ollie” Metcalfe. Despite clear documentary evidence to the contrary, O.K.M. claimed not to know that he was down to play in the match until the big day itself. Mercifully, he had woken up on his brother’s sofa just a few hours before the good news registered and was therefore well placed to make the short journey down the M3 to take his spot in a Buccs side bristling with confidence, if slightly apprehensive at the prospect of a new fixture against a club boasting four Saturday league sides.

Our (sole) umpire for the day was being formally assessed as part of his ECB accreditation process. Prior to the start of the match, he had many questions for your correspondent and the opposition captain. Having provided assurances that it would not be possible in the time available to alter the land boundaries of the cricket ground and nearby properties so as to put the sightscreen out of the field of play, we were permitted to proceed to the toss. Buccs called correctly and elected to bat on a dry track with a thick covering of grass.

Having managed to borrow some ill-fitting kit, O.K.M. opened up with Buccs stalwart Simon Leefe, but the partnership proved not to be particularly fruitful when Simon played next to a straight one and was bowled for six. Enter Buccs debutant Jon Harvey, who made a stylish and fluent 35 before mis-timing a flick to leg. Ollie followed soon after for 23 when he dragged a filthy half tracker to mid-wicket. Messrs Hobbs and Moules came and went – the former to a disastrous and inevitable attempt to hit Chertsey’s youngest bowler into nearby Thorpe Park – and, after a promising start, the Buccs found themselves in a spot of bother at 107-5.

In typical swashbuckling fashion, Charlie Leefe decided that the situation called for an all-out assault on the straight and cow-corner boundaries. He was ably supported in that endeavour by Metcalfe Snr, who used his pre-match protein to good effect in making a very handy 31. The pair had added 59 when Charlie was caught for an excellent 60 (7x4s; 3x6s), attempting to hit a fourth boundary in as many balls, much to the entertainment of the small crowd that had gathered around the amply-stocked pavilion bar. Chertsey then fell victim to the well-rehearsed Buccaneers trick of sending Rob Rydon (27) in at eight and, after a quick flourish from the remaining tail-enders, we were bowled out in the 39th over for 225 – a decent total, but one that we thought might be 20-30 runs light on a pitch that had played well with relatively short boundaries all around the ground.

We need not have feared. Rob took the new ball with his son Tom and together they reduced Chertsey to 6-3 and then 53-5, Rob’s third wicket – a self-declared “Jaffa Cake” which nipped back sharply to bowl the free-scoring number three – a particular highlight. Steve Moules bowled with good pace and bounce and was unfortunate not to be rewarded with a wicket. Warwick Okines beguiled the batsman with some delightful leg spin – his first scalp of the season duly followed when some rapid glovework from the highly impressive Jon Harvey put paid to Chertsey’s number six, who had overbalanced to a flighted leg break. Buccs took their time in taking the seventh wicket but, when Bailey, J. was bowled by Leefe, S. for 38, the remaining home batsmen fell in a heap rather quickly (Simon and Richard Hobbs both finishing with two wickets apiece): Chertsey all out for 154 in the 38th over and the Buccs victorious by 71 runs.

The Buccaneers savoured their second straight win with some further refreshment at the ground and were later delighted to hear the news that our umpire’s inquisitiveness and sound judgment had been rewarded with ECB stage U2A and U3A accreditation. We thoroughly look forward to returning to Chertsey next year and have already been put on notice that some additional Saturday quick bowlers may await us next time around..

Chertsey CC vs Buccaneers, Sunday 23 June 2019

Buccaneers won the toss and elected to bat

Innings of Buccaneers

O. Metcalfe                        ct Patel b Bailey                23
S. Leefe                                b J. Lloyd                              6
J. Harvey+                           ct Patel b Bailey                35
C. Leefe                                ct Allison b Sloan              60
S. Moules                            ct Clarke b Patel                6
R. Hobbs                              ct Aish-Lyons b Barnes   2
W. Metcalfe                       b J.Lloyd                               31
R. Rydon                              b Aish-Lyons                      27
T. Rydon                              ct Clarke b J.Lloyd            6
T. Fletcher*                        c&b J. Lloyd                        13
W. Okines                           Not out                                 1

                                                                                Extras    15
                                                                (all out)                225

J. Lloyd 7.1-2-27-4
H. Aish Lyons 8-0-53-1
J. Bailey 4-0-21-2
J. Clarke 5-0-21-0
R. Patel 5-0-26-1
J. Barnes 4-0-31-1
D. Sloan 2-0-23-1
Allison 2-0-10-0
F. Lloyd 1-0-6-0

Innings of Chertsey

D. Sloan                                ct Fletcher b R. Rydon    0
L. Fisher+                             ct S. Leefe b T. Rydon     4
L. Robertson                      b R. Rydon                          24
K. Allison                              b R. Rydon                          0
F. Lloyd                                 ct Okines b T. Rydon       21
H. Aish-Lyons                     st Harvey b Okines           8
J. Bailey                                b S. Leefe                            39
R. Patel                                 ct R. Rydon b Hobbs        31
J. Barnes                              b Hobbs                               1
J. Clarke                               c&b S. Leefe                       13
J. Lloyd*                               Not out                                 1

                                                                                Extras    12
                                                                (all out)                154

R. Rydon 6-2-14-3
T. Rydon 6-0-42-2
S. Moules 7-1-14-0
W. Okines 7-0-35-1
R. Hobbs 6-0-24-2
S. Leefe 5.5-2-25-2

Buccaneers win by 71 runs

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Nomads game abandoned as a draw

Toss:   Buccaneers CC won the toss
Result: Match Abandoned as a Draw
Umpires:Michael Blumberg & Graham
Debuts : B Ahmed.

BUCCANEERS CC Innings                  R
J Milne       st Rouse      b Firth   36
C Leech       c Lascelles   b Ahmed   13
L Ward        bowled          Ahmed    1 
N Moules      bowled          Arora    5
J Crichton    bowled          Firth   10
L Cant        c Kandampully b Firth    7
S Moules      c Kandampully b Ireland 17
L Milne       c Kandampully b Firth    4
A Berry       bowled          Ireland 46
S Leefe       lbw           b Page    11
O Metclafe+*  not out                  0
Extras       (b13,lb1,w1,nb5)         20
TOTAL        (All out,41.2 overs)    172


Bowling-Ahmed 6 0 26 2,Firth 13 2 36 4,Arora 6 0 26 1,Ireland 9 2 30 2,Page 7.2 1 40 1.

NOMADS CC Innings 
V Kandampully c Crichton b Leefe    38
T Brockton*   c Metcalfe b S Moules  6
B Ahmed       c S Moules b Leefe    24
J Lascelles   c Moules   b Leefe     2
R Ormiston    c Milne    b Cant     24
J Ireland     lbw        b Cant     11
A Arora       not out               24
M Firth       not out               22
Extras       (b3,lb0,w4,nb5)        12
TOTAL        (6 wickets,45.3 overs)162
Dnb:A Rouse+,C Page,H Morris,


Bowling-S Moules 8 1 22 1(w1),Berry 5 0 39(w1,nb5),Leefe 10 2 29 3,Cant 15 4 30 2,Ward 5 0 24 0,Milne 2.3 0 12(w2)

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Buccs out to lunch as Dills take the honours

The day was cut short by a strike in the Armadillos canteen meaning that lunch was taken off the menu and play began as a 40-a-side bash at 1pm.

Sheffield Park as lush as ever

The Buccs skipper , having learnt nothing from previous years , won the toss and chose to bat despite an outfield of thick wet grass . The Armadillos opening attack bowled tidily and gave away nothing. Angus Berry and Michael Harms batted warily and built a solid base. With the grass proving almost impenetrable both decided to go the aerial route and hit some lusty blows. Richard Hobbs and Ollie Metcalfe then picked up the pace with Hobbs smashing a couple of big sixes. Metcalfe did the same and was quick to step down the wicket when he had the chance. One straight on drive for six was a particular highlight. Both deserved fifties, but fell as they pushed the run rate up. Charlie Leefe strode to the crease; well, stumbled to it as he walked straight into a bench spilling a Milne pint, before reaching the field of play. This clearly discombobulated him as he smeared a wide onto his stumps for a first baller. Rob Rydon, returning to the scene of his Glenn McGrath moment last year, rattled off a quickfire 28 before falling to Ollie Mann who was the pick of the bowlers with 4 for 30. A total of 163 was very respectable given the quality of the Armadillos attack and the sluggishness of the outfield but it still felt about 40 runs short of par.

Ludo Milne and Rob Rydon opened the bowling attack and kept the scoring below the required run rate of four an over for some time, before Smallwood started to hit some strong drives.

The other opener, Cope, failed to find the same fluency and kept the bowlers interested. Rydon bowled his full eight-over spell and found the edge of Smallwood’s bat, a very sharp chance going down. A change of bowlers saw Richard Hobbs and Angus Berry working in tandem and the early signs were encouraging. Both found turn and on occasion very sharp turn. Berry completely befuddled Smallwood with one that lifted and turned past the bat off a very good length. Hobbs eventually got some reward with a sharp catch at midwicket taken by Charlie Leefe.

Unfortunately, that brought H Lloyd to the crease, a left hander with a natty top knot and a strong line in reverse hitting. He should impress Kaushal Silva, the Sri Lankan test player, who has just signed for his home club Mayfield. With the outfield now dry, every well struck shot seemed to get over the boundary rather than settling in the grass a yard from the rope as it had earlier. Smallwood and Lloyd found scoring increasingly easy and they reached the Buccs score in some comfort.

So a good match in the Sheffield Park tradition but the Buccs eventually outclassed by a very strong young Armadillos side by 9 wickets.

Innings of Buccaneers
A Berry ct H Lloyd b H Cope 19
Harms ct J Smallwood b T Davy 19
J Milne b O Mann 3
T Fletcher ct H Mann b O Mann 7
R Hobbs b A Pickering 27
O Metcalfe ct O Mann b J Smallwood 44
C Leefe b A Pickering 0
R Rydon ct AN Other b O Mann 28
D Close b H Mann 6
S Leefe b O Mann 1
L Milne Not Out 1
Extras 8
Total 163

H Mann 7-3-13-1
T Davy 8-0-25-1
H Cope 8-1-127-1
O Mann 7-1-30-4
A Pickering 4-39-2
J Smallwood 4-0-32-1

Innings of Armadillos
J Smallwood Not Out 79
H Cope ct C Leefe b R Hobbs 13
H Lloyd Not Out 71
Extras 3
Total 166

L Milne 5-0-18-0
R Rydon 8-0-40-0
R Hobbs 6-0-49-0
A Berry 4-0-34-0
C Leefe 1-0-17-0
S Leefe 1-0-7-0

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Hobbs hattrick the highlight as Buccs put to the sword by the Philanderers

A depleted Buccaneers team ventured to Cambridge on Sunday in the club’s inaugural fixture against the Philanderers CC.

Following some frantic emailing and a wonderfully receptive host, we scrambled together a team of ten, with four Philanderers providing their able support to our cause.

At a sunny Fitzwilliam College a negotiated toss ensured that the Buccs would take the field first, worrying somewhat that the Philanderers has just last week made short work of Cambridge University Second XI. With an attack spearheaded by a pair that the opposition captain claimed were his two finest seamers, we were able to keep the scoring in check and started to exert some pressure in the field.

It was the introduction of Richard Hobbs’ crafty off spin that started to make inroads into the Philanderers batting line up. A brilliant hattrick that included a couple of batsmen that our guest players ensured us were key scalps in keeping the final total to something respectable had the Buccs dreaming of a backs against the walls victory. On field skipper Angus Berry claimed two scalps with his left arm spin (described as ‘dobs’ in the score book!) setting us up nicely for the final push with 10 to go. Alas it appears that our hosts generosity extended to their batting line up, pushing some of their more talented players down the order. Their skipper marshalled the lower order expertly, combing lusty blows with excellent running, propelling the Cantabrigians to a more than handy 224.

Following a spot of tea the Buccs padded up knowing that a solid display might just get us close. It appears that the Philanderers captain wasn’t lying when he said he gave us their town best bowlers as the replacement opening pair struggled early for consistency early on. A number of wides, some powerful hitting, and a decent opening stand between Berry and Philanderer #3 gave the boys on the boundary more and more hope.

After 10 overs the Buccs were sitting quite well at 60 odd for 1. What followed was an alarming collapse as Bucc after Bucc and Philanderer after Philanderer succumbed to a series of poor shots, good catching, a couple of fiesty spells. We lost our 9th and final wicket for 112, losing by the same score.

Our thanks goes to our very gracious hosts, not only in providing a cracking setting on a lovely Sunday afternoon but for being so sporting given our selection issues. Thanks also goes to Richard Hobbs for scrambled together the six we did bring and to our guest players who all played their part if a game played very much in the right spirit.

Some beers under the setting sun were enjoyed by boths teams, the Philanderers looking forward to their season following their second victory in as many games and the Buccs looking to bounce back against the Armadillos at Sheffield Park next week.

Scorecard: Philanderers win by 112 runs

Innings of the Philanderers

224 – 6 (40 overs)

Buccaneers Bowling

Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets

J.Rutt (Philanderer) 7 1 21 0
R. Davidson (Phil.) 8 1 52 1
T. Clarke 5 0 41 0
R. Hobbs 8 1 32 3
A. Berry 8 0 31 2
R. Philips 4 0 41 0

Innings of the Buccaneers

112 all out (30 overs)

P. Leary (Phil.) Bowled 16
A. Berry Caught 21
O. Metcalfe Caught 17
B. Dean (Phil.) Caught 10
T. Clarke Caught 2
R. Davidson Caught 4
J. Rutt Bowled 8
R. Philips Caught 0
R. Hobbs Not Out 6
W. Kentish Bowled 4

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