Buccs lost in paradise

Buccaneers v Hurlingham Sunday 27 May 2012

Blessed with beautiful sunshine and a fantastic batting strip amid the Elysian gardens of Hurlingham, hopes were high for a free-scoring and victorious day for the Buccaneers. Alas, having lost the toss, the prospect of an early breakthrough was instantly shattered as each of the first 4 balls was creamed for four and the 2nd over carted for a further 5 boundaries. Opener Olly Logan reached his 50 in 21 balls as Hurlingham raced to 57-0 in just 4 overs.

The early introduction of Jono Gordon (16-4-45-0) on debut and the evergreen Hack (10-2-34-2) restored some control but the openers reached 129 before Si Razvi (39) was well caught behind by Jim Harcourt standing up. With Hack soon adding a 2nd wicket, Hurlingham had been pegged back to a respectable 131-2 off 30 overs by lunch.

Andy Owen (14-0-77-2) recovered from his rusty start with a fine spell after lunch. With Luke Radford (9-2-30-1) keeping the other end tight with some nice variation, Logan had to graft for his 107 before Dave Russell (3-0-13-3) snapped up some late wickets to precipitate a generous declaration at 225-8 after 54 overs.

But what should have been a relatively easy target in the batsman-friendly conditions soon became a tall order. Left handed openers Sathish Subbiah and Kim Ross became the 4th and 5th LBW victims of the day. Crucially, with no DRS or hotspot available, Kim’s inside edge went undetected. With Radford bowled 2nd ball having a swish and Gordon popping up a lifter, the Buccaneers were looking down the barrel at 22-4.

Will Noble (50) and Harcourt (26) mounted a spirited counter-attack. But when Harcourt was caught at mid-on after smiting 2 successive sixes and Noble caught at slip at 109, the writing was on the wall again. With Russell (22), Owen (15) and skipper Ed Cunynghame going down with all guns blazing,  the Buccaneers had surrendered 93 runs short in only the 28th over.


Logan            c Cunynghame   b Owen 107

Razvi             c Harcourt          b Gwynn 39

Atkinson       lbw                      b Gwynn  1

J Redmayne c Harcourt         b Radford 6

T Redmayne lbw                     b Owen     0

Chapman                                  b Russell  26

Kennedy         lbw                    b Russell  25

Hatteea           lbw                    b Russell   5

Salt                  not out                                 8

C Redmayne   not out                                2

extras                                                           6

Total                                                    225-8 dec (54 overs)

Owen      14-0-77-2

Kayes       2-0-30-0

Gordon   16-4-45-0

Gwynn    10-2-34-2

Radford    9-2-30-1

Russell      3-0-13-3


Ross                          lbw                 b Redmayne 5

Subbiah                    lbw                 b Salt             1

Noble                        c Redmayne b Kennedy    50

Radford                                           b Redmayne  0

Gordon                     c Chapman    b Redmayne 0

Harcourt                  c Salt              b Kennedy     26

Russell                     lbw                  b Atkinson     22

Kayes                                               b Kennedy      7

Owen                       c Kennedy      b Atkinson      15

Cunynghame         st Logan          b Kennedy      10

Gwynn                    not out                                       0

extras                                                                         6

Total                                                                    142 (27.5 overs)

C Redmayne 9-1-47-3

Salt                 6-0-32-1

Kennedy       7.5-3-38-4

Chapman       2-0-10-0

Atkinson        3-2-14-2




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