‘Not in my fifty years of cricket ….’

Grey, overcast and damp were the conditions to great the match manager as he popped back from Portugal for the weekend to play in this fixture. Things didn’t get any better as he lost the toss and was invited to field in this forty over match. Apart from debutant, Crispin Vollers and Warwick Okines, the Buccaneers singularly failed to field, as crucial catches went down throughout the afternoon. Neil Robertson shelled a sitter at mid on when their No 3 was on 18. Unfortunately he went on to make 114 not out. Neil made amends by fathering Hamish (aged 12) who bowled the tidiest spell of a messy afternoon.

Catches were also dropped by Rob Rydon, Subir Chakravarti, Jim Harcourt and Richard Gwynn. Any way, enough of the naming and shaming; Crispin flung himself around in the outfield, James Stinger, Subir and Jim held on to catches; Rob, Hack and OllyKayes took a wicket each but Henley romped to 285 off their allotted 40 overs.

So eight an over was the asking rate. James and Subir started circumspectly as was appropriate. However, the rate accelerated as Crispin entered the fray. A debut innings of fifty and out was played in true swashbuckling Buccaneers’ style. The fact that Crispin scored his fifty with 11 fours and one six was even more impressive. Neil Robertson started to make amends for his drop with some sound batting and after he was joined by Rob the run rate accelerated. After 15 overs, the Buccs were ahead of Henley at a comparable stage. Sadly,

Neil’s flexibility deteriorated and a pulled groin resulted in a runner and askier (at least no run out). Rob went in a similar aerial destruction as Henley showed how to hold on to catches. Simon Woolfries and Hack poked around in the damp and gloomy conditions but even so were somewhat surprised when the umpire lifted the balls and declared it was too dark to play. A few beers later, in the smartly refurbished pavilion, Hack was heard to state that ‘not in my fifty years of cricket have I ever gone off for bad light’.

Innings of Henley

B Mitchell ct Chakravarti b Gwynn 110

P Neville ct Harcourt b Rydon 1

N Johnson not out 114

S Davison ct Stringer b Kayes 25

A Johnson not out 19

Extras 16

Total 285 for 3 (40 overs)


O Kayes 8-0-60-1

R Rydon 9-0-65-1

W Okines 7-0-41-0

S Woolfries 8-0-48-0

H Robertson 5-0-32-0

R Gwynn 3-0-27-1

Innings of Buccaneers

J Stringer ct Johnson b Chapell 27

S Chakravarti ct b Laing 2

C Voller ct b Chapell 50

J Harcourt b Chapell 1

N Robertson ct b M Hussain 23

R Rydon ct b E Hussain 39

S Woolfries not out 3

O Kayes lbw M Hussain 2

R Gwynn not out 13

Total 165 for 7 (33 overs)


DWilliams 5-0-28-0

H Laing 5-0-22-1

J Neville 5-2-21-0

H Chapell 6-1-31-3

M Hussain 5-0-42-2

E Hussain 5-1-13-1

P Neville 2-0-9-0

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