Founded in 1930, the Buccaneers is a wandering cricket club with Sunday fixtures, usually all day, throughout the South East of England from Oxford and Henley to Maidstone, Hurstpierpoint and Hurlingham.

"Let us take our stand and play the game, but rather for the cause than for the fame"

Battling Buccs denied in controversial finale at The Mote

As the clock approached 8pm on yet another sun drenched Sunday afternoon the Buccaneers were left mad in Maidstone as they were robbed of victory at the last.

The 10 men of the Buccs had battled throughout the day to set an imposing target and then squeeze the opposition on a lightening outfield and shirt front of a pitch. Victory was snatched away however, by the bizarre shout of “Not out!” from the Mote umpire after appeals for a clear run out. So blatantly short of his ground was the Mote skipper, that gloves were off for hand shakes and thoughts turned to the bar. A shame to end the game in this fashion after what started first as an exercise of cajoling players to turn up and was followed by some fine cricket.

After an agreed toss, the Buccs were invited to bat first on another sweltering Sunday. Liam ‘premier league’ Ward and S Leefe opened up and got the the side off to a solid start. What followed was an excellent display of batting from everyone in the top order. Nearly all the batsman got starts with Ward showing his class by passing 50 in only his third Buccs appearance.

Other notable contributions came from S Moules, M Harms, P Hobson and A Rydon, all of whom stroked the ball around nicely, finding gaps and ensuring that the Mote’s pretty woeful chat was kept to a minimum. As we reached 40 overs the Buccs fell away just short of 250. With only 10 men in Buccs’ colours, defending was always going to be tricky but as we were reminded throughout we had two players that had just two weeks prior lined up in the same side as Joffra Archer.

After a decent tea, the highlight being ice lollies, washed down with several pints of the local pale ale, the Buccs took the field. The new ball was taken by Buccs debutante Dr James Knight, and T Rydon as the perils of 10 men started to show. The Mote getting off to a quick start. Skipper Berry then introduce the threat of left arm spin from both end with S Leefe and the skipper himself wheeling away for 16 overs. This slowed the rate considerably and Leefe in particular found ways of taking wickets at regular intervals.

With the Buccs edging ahead in the game as the final overs came into sight the game’s flash point reared its head. Liam ‘I really am friends with Joffa’ Ward bowling, the opposition skipper batting, Dr Knight prowling the boundary, the Buccs victorious? Alas, as the Dr threw down the stumps from long on, the opposition skipper beginning to unpad, skipper Berry charging to the bar, the home umpire decided that he wanted a little more time in the sun. “Not out” he bellowed. Cue disbelief, on all sides.

The Mote got over the line in the following over with the oppo skipper deciding to apologise for not walking. A bizarre time to decide to do so but there we go. We finished the day in the bar discussing the poor umpiring decisions from the history of the game. With just enough time for our premier league players to tell us which county players they will be fielding fine leg to next week.

Thanks to all of those that traveled to the game with some long journeys among the ten men. Well done to debutante Dr James Knight, hopefully not the last time we see you in a Buccs shirt. A good performance given the circumstances and a real shame that we had victory stolen from us.

Should make revenge all the more sweeter next year.    

Innings of the Buccaneers

L Ward – 52
S Leefe – 11
S Moules – 45
P Hobson – 36
M Harms – 34
A Rydon – 28
C Leefe – 9
T Rydon – 3
A Berry – 5 Not Out
J Knight – 1 Not Out
Extras 12

Total 242-8 from 40 overs

Buccaneers Bowling

J Knight 6.2-0-38-1
T Rydon 4-0-19-1
S Leefe 8-1-27-3
A Berry 8-0-34-0
P Hobson 5-0-33-1
C Leefe 5-0-35-1
L Ward 3-0-33-0

The Mote 242-9 from 39.2 overs

The Mote CC win by 1 wicket

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Different formula, same result as Buccs lose to Hurly Burlys

(Editors note: this report dates from 17 June, hence reference to rain!)

The overnight rain neither dampened our spirits nor the famously rapid croquet lawn outfield at the prestigious Hurlingham Club. Miraculously the Buccaneers arrived on time with 10 healthy players; the unhealthy one was late due to a family emergency. With our opening batsman delayed, the Bucc’s won the toss and elected to field. This also meant that we couldn’t be skittled before lunch like last year…

Metcalfe (1-53 from 12 overs) and P. Hobson (0-42 from 9 overs) were the two lucky opening bowlers to be thrown the swinging Duke’s ball. Will and Paul both had some early deliveries swinging and using length well to stifle the batsmen with their very very medium paced technique. Upon tiring of the ball whistling past the outside edge, the captain decided to call on the first change attack made up of S. Moules and for a gruelling two over spell, S. Leefe. Moules, despite claiming injury from a previous match, bowled with genuine zip and saw some lovely bounce around the lugholes of the aristocratic batsmen.

We retired for lunch with Hurlingham 150 odd for 2. As we all settled down for a mixed bag of lunches; from beef curry to roast gammon or even an enviable ploughman’s, we quickly noticed that it was only the Buccaneers’ table that was littered with beer bottles. The oppo appeared to be taking on isotonic fluids of the non-alcoholic variety. Perhaps this was a sign of what was to follow.

However, when the bowling attack opened up after lunch with young Charlie Leefe (3-56 from 8 overs) from the Croquet End and Richard Hobbs (3-38 from 7 overs) from the Exhibition Court End, there was great success. Hobbs struck the two batsmen into the 50s (runs not age) whilst Charlie cleaned up the middle order and before you knew it Hurlingham were 8 down. Thanks to a dour interjection from Ollie Metcalfe we had to bare witness to a huge 9th wicket stand of over 120 runs leaving Hurlingham declaring on 294-8 after 51 overs.

Hurlingam opened up the batting with Jeremy Milne and Chris Leech, who put on an admirable opening stand of 55 runs after Leechy was bowled by the Burly Hurly captain Ben Thompson (5-49)m and Jezza fell moments later to the same fate. A few lusty blows from Stephen Moules (31) and debutant Ryan Martin (20) spelled the end of the top order batting. The all too familiar Buccaneers collapse started from there; going from 105-3 to 140 all out. Hurlingham used four bowlers, but only needed two in the end with Thompson and Robins both claiming five wicket hauls.

Jugs were taken in the clubhouse and then both teams retired for an early-ish night given this year the fixture was on a Sunday, so alas no partying up the Kings Road this year.

Innings of Hurlingham

F Eltingham ct J Milne b R Hobbs 74
J Kennedy ct and b W Metcalfe 5
S Rhys ct T Fletcher b S Moules 34
A Andiel ct O Metcalfe b R Hobbs 60
J White ct C Leefe b R Hobbs 3
R Hall ct T Fletcher b C Leefe 0
S Kennedy b C Leefe 12
J Dickins b C Leefe 9
B Thompson not out 50
H Robins not out 25
Extras 22
Total 294-8 dec

W Metcalfe 12-3-53-1
P Hobson 9-0-42-0
S Leefe 6-0-37-0
S Moules 10-2-52-1
C Leefe 8-0-56-3
R Hobbs 7-1-38-3

Innings of Buccaneers

J Milne b B Thompson 25
C Leech b B Thompson 34
R Martin b B Thompson 20
S Moules ct A Andiel b H Robins 31
O Metcalfe lbw H Robins 1
S Leefe b H Robins 1
T Fletcher ct J Dickins b B Thompson 12
P Hobson ct B Thompson b H Robins 1
C Leefe b H Robins 0
W Metcalfe not out 10
R Hobbs lbw B Thompson 0
Extras 12
Total 135 all out


H Robins 16-5-65-5
B Thompson 13.3-3-49-5
J Kennedy 3-0-11-0
S Kennedy 4-0-15-0


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Buccaneers’ festival cricket in the sun

Mark Lawrence Memorial Trophy – Lindfield 121 all out, Buccs 122-7 Won by 3 wickets

In sunbaked conditions at Lindfield in rural West Sussex, a vibrant Buccs team outplayed a youthful Lindfield side to win by three wickets.

The hosts chose to bat first on a hard, dry pitch and the Buccs opening attack of Caspar Milne and Hamish Robertson had the home team four down inside the first 10 overs. Caspar was too quick through the air, knocking back off stump and middle stump in successive overs. Hamish relied on lateral movement and his brother and keeper Ollie took the catch of the day in front of first slip. Hamish then hit the top of off with a “Jimmy” away swinger starting on leg.

‘Leafy’ West Sussex took over with Georgie and Simon combining to tie the opposition down in overs 10-20. G, unlike her love island namesake, bowled an immaculate line and length and was unlucky not to get among the wickets. Simon flirted (again like Love Island) with the Lindfield batters with his “almost but not quite” half volleys on off stump and used gravity to extract turn down the slope. Hamish took a smart catch at extra to remove Geoffrey Lawrence on the drive, and there was a foolhardy attempt to sweep a straight one which attracted the attention of the umpire’s finger.

At 80 odd for 6, with half the overs used, the Aussie pro arrived at the wicket. It really could have gone either way, but Ludo Milne started to get a head of steam down the hill and bowled the quickest spell of the day. The pro drove on the up to Hamish at extra who took another sharp chance. Ollie gobbled two more behind the stumps and number 10 was trapped in front. The Milne boys had snaffled six wickets between them (L Milne 5.1 overs 4 for 13) and the Robertson boys had caught five catches. The youth of the team were leading the way as Lindfield reached 121 of 28 overs.

122 to win off 35 overs with a lightening fast outfield was never going to be problem for a Buccs team packed with stroke makers. Ollie opened-up with his dad and proceeded to bat by numbers with watchful defense on balls 1 to 3 and then a crunching drives balls 4 to 5 with judicious single on ball six. Neil clothed one his drives to mid-on and Ollie smashed a long hop into a cloudless sky. Buccs were favored by Lindfield with the gift of an 11th player in the name of Pete.

Pete with local knowledge played the anchor role around which Rob Rydon played minimalist batting. Pulls and drives only and no singles please. After the drinks break with Buccs sitting at 60 odd for 2, Rob pulled out the sand wedge from Carnoustie and chipped in from 35 yards. Alex Rydon met his father coming out and plundered a few quick runs before getting an adverse lbw decision. The local, Pete, caught the kamikaze bug chipping back at the bowler for a well-made 45 and Ludo tried to finish the match in a few lusty blows before slashing to backward point. Six down and a few to get.

Two new batters at the crease with less than 10 to win. Could the youth finish it? No – Caspar cleaned up first ball by Geoffrey Lawrence and a mad scramble in the pavilion for pads and bats. Luckily Simon avoided being timed out and steadied the ship. With the impetuosity of youth on his side, Hamish launched a massive drive over extra to win the match for Buccaneers.

Thank you all who played, and cricket was the winner. The Trophy stays with the Buccs for another year at least.

Innings of Lindfield

J Cooper b C Milne 8
E Castle ct A Rydon b H Robertson 4
T Colvin b C Milne 4
Geoff Lawrence ct H Robertson b S Leefe 47
A Pedley b H Robertson 8
L Sowton lbw S Leefe 0
R Pedley ct A Rydon b L Milne 12
C Parker ct R Rydon b L Milne 4
H Jones ct A Rydon b L Milne 12
R Jones not out 0
Total 121 all out

C Milne 5-1-24-2
H Robertson 5-2-13-2
G Leefe 5-0-29-0
S Leefe 7-0-18-2
L Milne 4-0-13-4
A Rydon 3-1-5-1

Innings of Buccaneers

O Robertson ct Jones b G Lawrence 19
N Robertson ct Cooper c R Pedley 4
P Vinall ct and b Sowton 43
R Rydon ct Parker b H Jones 17
A Rydon lbw R Pedley 20
L Milne ct x b G Lawrence 12
H Robertson not out 4
C Milne b Geoffrey Lawrence 0
S Leefe not out 4
Total 122-7


R Pedley 6-1-21-2
A Pedley 5-2-17-0
R Jones 4-0-21-0
George Lawrence 1.2-0-14-1
H Jones 4.2-0-17-1
L Sowton 6-0-24-1
Geoffrey Lawrence 1-0-0-2

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Buccaneers buckle at balmy Brook

As Britain’s heatwave entered a fourth week, 11 Buccaneers braved the Surrey sun to take on Brook CC; a fixture that has fallen foul of the weather for the last three seasons. No such danger this season as the Buccs were greeted by a parched outfield that screamed runs.

Following a delightful lunch of potted crab, washed down with local pale ales at the Dog and Pheasant adjacent to the ground, the pressure was on stand-in skipper Berry to win the toss – not least because the Buccs only numbered seven with 10 minutes before the scheduled start of play.

Having duly won the toss, Berry made no hesitation in batting and the Buccs went out looking to post a decent score. Following a flowing opening partnership between Ollie Robertson and Jeremy Milne, a run out looked the only thing that would stop us. Cue a “yes, no, maybe”, angry stare, bat smacking pad, and a sigh of “oh dear” from the boundary and Jeremy was gone to be replaced by the skipper.   

Berry and Martin, and then Berry and Fletcher began the rebuilding process and started to stroke the ball with ease across the lightning quick outfield. Following a short interval for much needed refreshment, the skipper took the first over after drinks for four boundaries. Things were looking rosy for the Buccs at this time, until a dubious LBW decision from our ran-out opener sent Fletcher packing. The young lawyer was convinced that the ball hadn’t even touched his foot and is currently looking at which legal avenues are open to him.

The next period of play went to Brook, who were excellently marshalled by their young skipper who also bowled the spell of the day.

His off breaks, a mixture of ripping turners and difficult to hit darts slowed the Buccs’ progress. Berry, frustrated by the well set fields, looked to go over the top and was caught for 75. This brought together Leefe Senior and, following a few more wickets, Alex Rydon. The two plundered the bowling around the park to set up a declaration at the 38 over mark – giving Brook the same number of overs to score a tricky 250.

After a delightful lunch with some stunning homemade brownies, the Buccs took the field with confidence. How misplaced that confidence was…

What proceeded was a team with clearly too much suncream applied to the hands as numerous catches were dropped, misfields witnessed, and there were also overthrows galore. The skipper trying not to catch the eye of our President watching from the boundary.

Credit must indeed go to Brook’s 19 year old opener who played a great array of shots and timed their chase perfectly. A classy hundred, coupled with some back breaking heaves from their number 6 ensured that Brook brought it home with an over to spare. What could have been if the Buccs has held on to a catch or two, or three, or 11.

The day was rounded off with a few more pints in the Dog and Pheasant where tales of Buccaneers passed were told and one final catch was put down; Charlie Leefe managing to put down an entire pint over Jeremey. Perhaps our unlucky lawyer was behind it…

Our thanks go to our gracious hosts who put on a cracking game, played very much in the right spirit and one that we will look forward to next year. Time to practice a few catches before our next game in two weeks time.

It’s coming home.

Innings of the Buccaneers

J Milne run out 16
O Robertson bowled 19
A Berry caught 75
R Martin lbw 9
T Fletcher lbw 23
N Robertson caught 0
C Leefe caught 5
S Leefe Not Out 44
A Rydon Not Out 37
A Morgan DNB
T Rydon DNB

Total 249 – 7

Buccaneers Bowling

Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets

T Rydon 6-1-21-0
A Berry 5-0-45-1
S Leefe 13-1-85-2
A Rydon 4-0-24-0
C Leefe 9-0-69-1

Total 252 – 4

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Buccs draw at Nomads (in their words)

Scorecard for Buccaneers v Nomads on Sunday 10 June 2018

Match report courtesy of Nomads CC can be found here.

R Elston bowled Desai 0
C Leech c Shawl b Desai 97
C Leefe bowled Page 42
S Leefe c Brockton b Desai 50
O Robertson c Farrell b Desai 15
A Marsh bowled Desai 3
R Hobbs c Brockton b Shawl 1
H Robertson bowled Shawl 0
Z Robertson bowled Shawl 9
W Metcalfe not out 10
W Okines not out 0
Extras (b3,lb7,w2,nb1) 13
TOTAL (9 wkts dec,51 overs) 251


Shawl 16 5 67 3
Desai 16 1 74 5
Page 8 1 35 1
Misshra 5 0 26 0
Johnson 6 0 33 0

K Farrell lbw b Okines 32
T Brockton* bowled S Leefe 78
V Kandampully c Metcalfe b Hobbs 7
S Shawl bowled Okines 13
A Stokes lbw b S Leefe 9
W Johnson c Hobbs b Okines 3
K Desai bowled S Leefe 43
J Lascelles bowled S Leefe 6
S Wahi+ not out 19
D Misshra not out 5

Extras (b9,lb1,w2,nb0) 12
TOTAL (8 wickets,45 overs) 226
Dnb:C Page.


H Robertson 12 0 46 0
Metcalfe 7 2 18 0
Hobbs 6 0 43 1
Okines 10 0 72 3
C Leefe 1 0 10 0

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A tale of Manns, McGrath, Moules and Metcalfe as Buccs beat Armadillos

Buccaneers (226-9 dec) beat Armadillos (201 all out) on 20th May 2018

A dirt brown strip , bright green square and corn yellow outfield fresh from the first cut of the year made it a difficult toss to call. Having decided to bat , the Buccs openers had little to thank their captain for as anything spanked off the square was brought to an abrupt halt in the lush corn.

Tom Fletcher secured one end as a series of swashbuckling Buccs came and went at the other. Tom saw us through to lunch at a slightly uncomfortable 93 for 6.

But a decent stand with Will Metcalfe either side of lunch started the recovery with Fletcher nurdling an extremely useful 30 and Metcalfe stroking a fluent 19. Ironically it was two (playing for the opposition) Buccs who did most of the damage with Harry and Ollie Mann returning 3-19 and 3-54 respectively. Stephen Moules found the middle of the bat almost immediately and hit a quickfire 20 in the company of Rob Rydon who , not for the first time , had the opposition asking “what’s this guy doing at number 9?”. Suffice to say that a typical barrage from the Rydon artillery saw him chalk up a rapid 67 not out with the skipper adding a few at the other end. All in all 226 for 9 declared felt like a reasonable total given the sluggish outfield.

The Armadillos started their reply strongly with Jim and Harry Mann coping with all that Rydon and Moules could throw at them. Things took a turn for the worse when Rydon ‘did a Glenn (not Anthony) McGrath’ attempting to stop a run off his own bowling at which point he adjourned to the boundary with a couple of cold Fosters (on his ankle) for the remainder of the game. Will Metcalfe stepped in and bowled a tight line but it was Moules who drew first blood, finding a stopping delivery that drew the younger Mann into a return catch to the bowler. With Moules giving way to Freddie Bjorn and new boy Felix Hickman running in hard at the other end, wickets began to fall steadily with two to Bjorn’s nagging line and one to Hickman’s pace. Charlie Leefe found some turn but not much luck before the skipper lured Jim Mann into an enormous heave which he will still be rueing as it caught a thick edge to Tim Brocklehurst at slip. Mann deserved 50 but fell a run short. With over 100 required from the last 20 overs and the drying outfield quickening nicely the Dills saw they still had a chance and began throwing the bat with some success. S Meeke hit some lusty blows and (aided by some butter-fingered Buccs!) got the Dills to within 30-odd of their target. At this point the Buccs still needed four wickets in only four overs so it was anybody’s game. Cometh the hour, cometh the man . Having bowled tidily in his first spell (0-25) Metcalfe ran riot in his second with 4-4 off just two overs which was enough to clean up the Dills innings and conclude a fine 25 run win for the Buccs.

So another cracking game at a glorious venue with the added benefit of a sumptuous lunch and cloudless skies.

Innings of Buccaneers

A Berry b H Mann 7
T Fletcher b H Mann 30
T Brocklehurst b H Mann 10
F Hickman LBW O Mann 0
F Bjorn b O Mann 0
C Leefe Ct AN Other b O Mann 12
W Metcalfe b T Ashby 19
D Close LBW T Ashby 0
R Rydon Not Out 67
S Moules C&B S Meeke 20
S Leefe Not Out 31

Extras 30
Total 226


J Bebb 9-1-50-0
H Mann 11-5-19-3
O Shuttleworth 7-0-27-0
O Mann 7-0-54-3
T Ashby 8-2-19-2
T Williams 4-0-19-0
S Meeke 4-0-25-1

Innings of Armadillos

J Mann ct T Brocklehurst b S Leefe 49
H Mann C&B S Moules 21
H Griffin b F Bjorn 16
A Pickering LBW b F Bjorn 0
T Williams ct T Fletcher b F Hickman 13
O Shuttleworth st T Fletcher b S Leefe 12
S Meeke b W Metcalfe 46
J Bebb b W Metcalfe 20
T Ashby st T Fletcher b W Metcalfe 3
O Mann Not Out 1
T Burns b W Metcalfe 0

Extras 20
Total 201


R Rydon 3-0-7-0
S Moules 7-0-27-1
W Metcalfe 10-2-29-4
F Hickmann 5-1-24-1
F Bjorn 7-0-30-2
C Leefe 7-1-44-0
S Leefe 7-0-27-2


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Sign up for matches in 2018

To help our Match Managers, please make your availability known to them by completing our Availability Tracker.

Click HERE to access it.

To see our fixtures click HERE.


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Annual Dinner 2018 a great success

More than 30 Buccs and their guests enjoyed a convivial evening at the East India Club to celebrate the 2017 season.

With six matches won but also six cancelled, President Simon Woolfries reflected on the twin challenges of the diminished interest in Sunday cricket and global warming before TMS's newest recruit Dan Norcross entertained the audience with his insights from his first Ashes series as a presenter.

Leading batsman with 261 runs was Angus Berry and Simon Leefe recorded an impressive average of more than 41 for the season. Leading bowler was Simon Leefe with 10 wickets while Steve Moules enjoyed the lowest average.

Finally, Dan Norcross presented Angus Berry with the Geoffrey Moore Award for being leading batsman, playing most games played and also stepping up to help get a side together at very short notice for the match against The Mote. 

2018 02 17_1142_edited-1
2018 02 17_1140
2018 02 17_1138
2018 02 17_1139
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2017 Averages published

With 10 matches played and a win rate of 60%, 2017 was another successful season for the club.

Why not find out who was the leading batsman and bowler prior to the Dinner.

Click here to access the full review.

Gus in Gower mode
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Annual Dinner – TMS’s Dan Norcross speaking

The 2018 Annual Dinner takes place at the East India Club on 7 February 2018.

We are lucky to have TMS’s Dan Norcross speaking after dinner this year.

To secure your ticket, please complete our form by clicking here.



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